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sun rising in huge MC city

Build highlight: “Big city” (w/ cubic chunks mod)

This massive city was build by a few friends and shared online by Russian player SkyBuilder. It was built with Cubic Chunks – this mod makes the Minecraft world render chunks vertically like it does horizontally, essentially removing the height limit. And the buildings in this city absolutely smash the default build limit!

The city is a forest of futuristic dense towers, surrounded by detailed streets and parks. Some areas of the city feature more traditional small architecture. The buildings seem to have interiors, but at this scale they are of course empty. Work on the city is ongoing, with new timelapse and showcase videos being shared on the SkyBuilder channel. A DOWNLOAD of the city for 1.12.2 is available in the description of the showcase video below.

Edit: I think I’ve accidentally stumbled upon the inspiration for the mega skyscraper in the third image & for the city design.


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