TINY TOWER in Minecraft [download]


Build download 1.12+

SCHEMATIC FILE https://www.dropbox.com/s/cb858w86q5ddqba/tinytower.schematic?dl=0

HOW TO USE SCHEMATICS https://madelinemiller.dev/blog/use-schematics-worldedit/

Tiny Tower build

I’m back with another replica build, and this time it is a fictional one. So without further ado, I present to you the most realistic replica of the Tiny Tower mobile game in Minecraft to date! A game of pixels recreated within a game of pixels, basically. And as accurate as I could get. You can find a download of the map above.

The replica includes the tower with 8 floors and the standard crane rooftop, as well as the background. That is, the sky and city that appear behind the tower. The buildings in the city are to scale, and 3D for extra detail! I remade the lobby, Bitcraft Apts and empty / construction floors.


Technical details

I built the project on Minecraft 1.12 on the Builders Refuge server. It took me a few hours spread over two evenings, and I totally did not have to restart after starting my initial attempt… World Edit was used of course.

Overall, I kept the build as simple as I could, while staying true to the original in Tiny Tower. Most of the build is pure blocks, and the only details come from some slabs, anvils, fences and walls. I also used stairs to recreate the structure of the crane on the small scale of the build.

While I used some blocks that 1.12 has to offer, the majority of the build uses simple 1.8 blocks. The tower is made from gray wool. Each floor has white wool along the roof where the floor name would be in-game (except the empty floors of course). Floors under construction have black wool imitating the timer in the corner. See images below for comparisons.

The scale of my build was chosen by Bitcraft Apts (the Minecraft floor in Tiny Tower). This floor inspired the replica, and I initially had no plans of making the whole tower, but things kind of grew from there! I used the blocks in the Bitcraft floor to replicate the apartment on a 1 to 1 scale. This scale was kept for the whole build, and worked out well in the end.

Lastly, the city in the background was made to go correctly with the tower when viewed from the front. The buildings are blacked out with different color wool, and only their front facades were built. But I did make them 3D for a touch of depth and realism! The mountains and sky are also there as in the actual game. A really good replica piece overall, right?


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