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Some bad original Minecraft jokes

I hired a creeper to design my home. Let’s say, the style was very… original.

Why didn’t the enderman go to the party? They had drinks on the menu.

Why are villagers so smart? They think all the time.

I wondered why I shouldn’t remove the torches under the sand roof. Then it hit me.

Why did the villager run away from the lake? His nose smelt something fishy…

How many steve’s does it take to change a lightbulb? Firstly, lightbulbs don’t exist in Minecraft. Secondly, this is singleplayer so there is only one steve.

What does the fox say? I don’t know, I’m using an older version of Minecraft.

Have you been to the restaurant in Minecraft? Great food, no atmosphere. The tree tops outside were flying, not falling.

An army of ender men invaded, but I couldn’t hide in my house. They stole all the blocks…

What is the villager’s favourite song? Villager news.

I used to be scared of going into caves. But now, I still am…

Why do villagers keep their hands together? If they could separate them, they’d punch steve for all the unfair trades.

What do you call a villager with separated hands? Multiplayer

Why did the enderman steal the mushroom cow? He thought it was a grass block, it had mushrooms growing on it!

Steve opened a server, because the villages couldn’t hold a single conversation…

Why was the block jealous of the slab? He needed to lose some weight.

What did the zombie say to steve? I don’t know, he was probably asking for hugs though…

What happened when the anvil read these jokes? It cracked with laughter.

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