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Official community events and Minecon Earth Q&A!

Mojang had just revealed a new Q&A video on Minecon Earth. It’s over half an hour long and pretty informative if you ask me! It answers all frequently asked questions and has been achieved by locking Jens, Vu, Lydia and Moira from Mojang in a room and forcing them to answer… at least that’s what the people at Mojang say!

Watch the video here.

“I regret my previous statement and wish to clarify that the room was not locked and they were free to leave at any time.”

And as a quick reminder in case you haven’t already heard, the folks at Mojang are planning a series of official community events all around the globe! By teaming up with their most trusted partners they plan to create awesome events closer to the growing community of Minecraft fans. So look out for more info as you don’t want any to slip by. Who knows – an event could be planned for, or near, your local area! So fingers crossed!

You’ll get to meet your favourite YouTubers and streamers, compete in tournaments and costume contests, see unique content and more.

Stay tuned for more info – you never know when it’ll come out!

Cover image: from official announcement post

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