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Blog upgrades – 📄speed and security

Quick summary of recent updates and changes to the blog, for transparency and your enjoyment! This post will also contain a dump of some inspiration for upcoming Minecraft builds. TLDR – the website now uses secure HTTPS connection, and (after a LOT of invisible tweaking) should be over twice as fast.


Website upgrades

  • New cookie policy and fixed the certified and secure HTTPS connection!
  • The website is now at full speed, even on mobile (most of the time anyway, it varies)
  • This is due to back-end tweaks to plugins and scripts, and based on suggestions from Google page speed insights. You can see the results in the screenshots below.
  • Number of monthly posts has increased, this may continue (article archives are in sidebar)
  • Images were optimized to load faster, including replacing all pictures to faster JPEG format
  • Finally, the simple and light weight blog is responsive as always on mobile devices!

Images and plans

Above are three buildings I had already built in the game! You can find them on my Planet Minecraft (Search for MODERN CITY on my profile).

Below are three skyscrapers I like, and might use as inspiration in the future. The first is Rockefeller Center, which many builders have already built in the game. The others have their names on the signs.

PSFS 3D MODEL | Cover image:

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