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Thumbnail large hotel build curved

Presenting: Mega Resorts, Mall, Club66 – Immersive build


Guest booking information:

Thank you for your interest in visiting the Mega Resorts complex on the coast of Moslyn. Unfortunately, due to a high volume of guests we are unable to provide rooms for booking until further notice.


Explore our offer:

168 state-of-the-art rooms spread across 10 floors, with unparalleled views of the beach. Large mall and dining on ground level.

The resort is highway-facing, with 200 underground parking spaces accessible nearby. The placement and curvature of the building deflects the noise and pollution from the beach (Don’t ask us if that’s true).


Map of the area:

The resort is situated in the highly developing area of New Moslyn, outside the Clover capital. There are bike paths and natural areas surrounding. The pools and club sit shielded at the back by the beach.

Parking access currently requires a longer diversion, therefore we recommend walking on foot to the Old Moslyn historic area across the resort. The capitol and rest of the island are accessible by foot and car.

Top view dynmap of resort and city

This page is just for fun, there is no actual booking, roleplay etc.

Inspiration: Fontainebleau Miami Beach. Build time: 10+ hours.

No download is possible – EXPLORE IN PERSON HERE: ModernCraft – Moslyn Island Coastal City

WATCH: Video with full shader showcase and entire time-lapse:

Thumbnail large hotel build curved

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