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Break your Minecraft world: ACID MOD (Review)

Acid can be defined as slang for LSD – and this mod stays true to its name. Also known as psychadelic shaders, the Acid Shaders mod makes your Minecraft world surreal and distorted. The further away from you the terrain is, the more broken it becomes, waving and bending in impossible ways like a sea wave.

The creators of the mod assure it isn’t resource intensive like other shader packs that create lag through trying to be the most realistic and detailed. Once turned on, your Minecraft world will bend at the edges into a cursed U-shape and stay constantly in motion like a wave. You’ll be able to clearly make out what the terrain around you looks like or what’s under the sea, as the far terrain will be up like a wall.

It is definitely unusual and nauseating to play with this mod, but a fun experiment to try! See some videos below, or try the shaders yourself for the full experience. For extra points, beat the ender dragon with the Acid Shaders mod…

MOD + COVER IMAGE: Acid Shaders 1.19.1 → 1.6.2 • Download Shader Pack for Minecraft (

The Acid Shaders experience

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