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glsl acid shaders cover text

Break your Minecraft world: ACID MOD (Review)

Acid can be defined as slang for LSD – and this mod stays true to its name. Also known as psychadelic shaders, the Acid Shaders mod makes your Minecraft world…

mobs available in tropicraft

The Tropicraft mod is getting updated! (Review)

Ever wanted to transport yourself into hawaiian paradise in Minecraft? Look no further than Tropicraft, which after years has been updated to the very latest Minecraft versions! With 5 million…

scrapyard ft MinecraftRepro

Scrappunk style modern post-apoc city

Terrain done by MinecraftRepro ( This is an old commission project. Set within a mountain valley, this modern city is made up of 20+ skyscrapers on the banks of a…

portfolio modern mansion

Modern mansion replica in Minecraft

I thought I’ve posted about this here, but looks like I haven’t. This mansion build is a replica based off a single picture of a mansion, WHICH itself is a…

aqua gray poster small stuff

WEEKLY NEWSLETTER – small stuff, hmmm

In this newsletter we go over some small Minecraft annoyances, ideas and random cursed screenshots I’ve collected. There are more images in this post than anything, but that’s all that…

render of the far lands terrain

People who reached the FAR LANDS in Minecraft [Updated 12/2022]

The far lands are 12 MILLION blocks out (12,550,821) and cannot realistically be reached without cheating by any sane person. But people are trying and have done it. The far…

enderman staring at player

Automatic Y=0 enderman farm | pearl dispenser | other item filter

This is an old design I created on my own, for a simple redstone machine to add to your enderman XP farm. The machine will YEET pearls into the void…


Notch in his own words in 2012 – internet archive

TEXT FROM: Notch! ( Hello My name is Markus Persson, and I’m a programmer. You can call me “Notch“.If you want to, you can email me at Be warned that…

portfolio cover spiral dreams

MegaMinerDL Build Portfolio 2022 (Outdated)

Click to open images in new tab in full size. Outdated portfolio – new one in pinned post on blog. Important! Portfolio part 2 In-depth individual posts Building portfolio 2022

spiral dreams skyscraper clean

Spiral Dreams skyscraper 2.0 – OLD BUILD REMAKE 2017 vs 2022

Sometime in 2017 I’ve built a small circular skyscraper with green terracotta and blue glass, a spiral design, and a car park out front. It was small and cute. Now…

four lost minecraft dimensions

An in-depth look at Minecrafts LOST DIMENSIONS

Sky Dimension The sky dimension was an early planned heavenly dimension, the opposite of the Nether. In Indev, there was a map type that generated floating islands, but the dimension…

minecraft mining company

Minecraft now owns the Minecraft.Com domain

Minecraft.Net is the original Minecraft website. Going to Minecraft.Com would always take you to the website of the “MineCraft Consulting” Australian mining solutions company – but that is no more….

small modern hillside base build

How to improve your Minecraft starter base

The architecture of your first Minecraft base is… probably not much. A dirt and wood hut thrown together in the last minute before sundown. A dug-out hole in the mountainside….

realistic blocky creeper artwork

Minecraft is – A horror game (A look at realistic fan art)

(This post doesn’t directly contain any images.) You spawn. Alone. In a world where everything is trying to kill you. The mobs take every opportunity to attack. The daily grind…

creeper mob in ocean

Minecraft is – Impossible (Without friends and internet)

I imagine some people in the ancient days of Minecraft opened up the game, didn’t know what to do and emailed notch… Because unlike Minecraft: Story Mode, normal Minecraft has…