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What are: Minecraft Add-ons


Hello, and welcome to the first “What is/are” post! Here I’ll be telling you about anything, from new blocks and in-game features to Minecraft events, releases and more. So, let’s start with something quite new and not too well known… add-ons!

These useful little things have been around for quite a while, but most people don’t pay much attention to them. So here are a few obvious questions about them-

What are they?

For the uninitiated, an Add-On is basically a pack of files that lets you change how Minecraft’s world works. Want 50ft chickens? You can have them! Want to create a pigman army to do your bidding and dress them all in frilly tutus? You can do that too, you weirdo!

Add-ons are similar to mods in that they they too upgrade the game experience and customize your world in some way. They allow the players to completely transform their game by, for example, changing the blast radius of a creeper or changing it’s texture completely. Using add-ons will give you the ability to completely change the rules of the game and anything in it at will – want exploding cows, edible blocks or mutant spiders?! Now you can have them!

Will they work on my device?

So far add-ons are only available on Pocket and Windows 10 editions of the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, but keep your eyes and ears open for possible future updates! They also work on multiplayer and Realms.

Where or how can I get them?

You can download the official sample add-ons here or search on Google for a wider range of results – you’re spoilt for choice!

You can also check out this top ten add-ons post on Or, if you’re up to the task, you could try creating your own add-on by following a few simple steps – try searching on YouTube for tutorials.

And that’s it for today! For more info go to the official add-ons webpage on or see the FAQ. Hope this post helped you and maybe even somewhat encouraged you to use this practical addition in your Minecraft world. And feel free to post any ideas for the next “What is/are” post in the comments below!

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