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medieval village texture pack ingame


COVER IMAGE Minecraft Video Game Blocks – Free image on Pixabay

World Edit: Irregular selections

This tutorial introduces you to the different selection modes available with World Edit. There’s more to it than the simple and limiting cuboid selection! Use “//sel modes” command ingame to try it yourself.

WorldEdit Basics: Selections – YouTube

World Edit: Making mountains

Introduction to shaping terrain, creating and destroying mountains in World Edit. Various brushes and commands can be used. As promised in the title, the video includes some smooth jazz backing music.

WorldEdit: Make a Mountain (with Smooth Jazz) – YouTube

World Edit: Curving roads

A short but technical Minecraft architecture video by Alpine1. Looking at the design of curving roads in real life, and how you can make your roads turn ingame using cylinders (overlapping circles).

How to build Minecraft Curved Roads – YouTube

Minecraft plugin black market

Talking of plugins, did you know there is a whole black market for paid Minecraft plugins? I felt the need to mention this somewhere since it exists anyway, but I won’t provide any links – support the creators!!

World Edit: Generate command

Here’s something mad from Puntertje: The Egg, Albany, USA Minecraft Map (

“To make this building I’ve used two mathematical formulas in Worldedit //generate commands:

//g -h -c 35 rotate(x,z,-0.33); rotate(z,y,-0.15); data=(y>0?0:8); (y<0?1.9*x^2+4*y^2+(z>0?1.3*z^2:0.78*z^2):1.75*x^2+9*(y+5)^2+(z>0?1.15*z^2:0.7*z^2)) > 43^2 for the top
//g -h -c 251:8 y=y+61; rotate(x,z,1.25); x=x-3; b=0.2; t=1; (y<60?((1.1*y+1)*(t-b)/2+b)^2-0.5*x^2-z^2:0) >= 2 for the bottom part

You can try to make this shape yourself with these commands by making a selection of about 90x60x90 blocks big and running the commands, have fun!”

World Edit: Farms and fields

Making large rular farming fields quickly with World Edit: Lazy Building Tutorials: Farms – YouTube

World Edit: Building trees

Making quick trees with World Edit + FAWE brushes: Lazy Building Tutorials: Easy Trees – YouTube

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