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WEEKLY NEWSLETTER – small stuff, hmmm

In this newsletter we go over some small Minecraft annoyances, ideas and random cursed screenshots I’ve collected. There are more images in this post than anything, but that’s all that is needed here.

Fence gates on walls VS blocks

fence gates slightly different

Cursed or intuitive shovel recipe?

crafting a spade wrong

Best use of Netherite (on an SMP)

full netherite armor and hoe

Coal beacon w/ hidden iron blocks

beacon from coal blocks

This amazing base I saw on the SMP

small island with island sign

If you’re fast enough the sand flies

glitched floating sand

The Minecraft China edition is wild

Rails (and shadows) make circles…

rails making circle in minecraft

This rare splash tells you you’re you

main menu splash screen

Cursed or intuitive #2: Search edition

creative inventory search

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