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WEEKLY NEWSLETTER: Minecraft news, hosts, new horizons?


PART I: News (Games & History)

Minecraft Legends game wallpaper

In January, Minecraft Legends has joined the ranks of Mojang’s failed and abandoned side projects. After surviving waves of mixed reviews (such as for its repetitive gameplay), the game has stopped receiving updates on 10th January 2024. It was released on 18th April 2023.

Other failed projects include: Minecraft Earth (augmented reality game) shut down on 30th June 2021, citing “the current global situation” and the allocation of these resources elsewhere. It was released on 17th October 2019.

Minecraft Story Mode did fine, releasing 13 episodes across 2 seasons between 2015-17. The negativity came from each episode being a separate purchase, and mild criticism of the…Story’s story.

Minecraft Dungeons (2020/21) is doing good, with positive reviews, new DLCs and updates.

The Minecraft Movie is still scheduled for release on 4th April next year (2025). Filming has completed.

PART II: Trivia (Hosts & Cities)


Andea city is trending feat. Distant Horizons! (Image above is their older project, Westpoint City. The image comes from my 2017 post – Cubed Creative Server of the Month – when the server was different.)

Pictures of the city of Andea (with it’s massive terrain) in Distant Horizons mod and Bliss shaders have gathered millions of views across the web. Gaming news outlets have picked up on this impressive tribute to what Minecraft is capable of. The city is being built by a team of many real life architects/builders.

The Distant Horizons mod is changing how we see our Minecraft worlds – while still being in ALPHA!

Check the images on @CubedCommunity Twitter!

The Official Minecraft server list has been growing for a few months now, welcoming everyone from the biggest servers to small SMPs, and servers like the above mentioned Cubed Creative (where you can explore Andea in person). Thoroughly reviewed, probably the most fair and safe server list to exist.

Lastly, talking of servers, an interesting find: Birdflop is a registered charity…that provides cheap Minecraft server hosting while self-sustaining and making donations! It’s incredibly interesting – they must legally give excess profit BACK to their clients, should these go beyond covering infrastructure/donations.

Have a good week-end.

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