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minecraft art poster with cube


Minecraft is both something to make art of – and art itself, as proven everyday by the massive creative community! There’s plenty to explore, watch and do. Here are a few random ideas. OLD POST.

Minecraft WEBTOONS anime

The famous WEBTOONS/comic artist Merryweather combines a gamers two favorite things – anime girls and Minecraft. Some animated videos are also available on their Youtube (Merryweather Comics).

“Mines & Monster Girls – Steve is a builder that just wants to mine materials and craft in peace, but the mysterious monster girls that surround him wont leave him in peace!”

Read it here: Mines & Monster Girls | WEBTOON (

The Art of creative Minecraft

My post doesn’t do its thumbnail justice – but this one has you covered! Minecraft players can really build anything. This article explores how builders sculpt beautiful art in the 3D space of the game we love.

Check it out: Art in the age of ones and zeros: Minecraft Art (

Monetizing Minecraft builds

For the interested, Minecraft builds can be monetized in more ways than you think!

  • Server commissions – Build massive hubs for a set amount of money (including upfront!)
  • Personal commissions – Plenty of YouTubers are looking for maps of all shapes and sizes
  • Donations/build assets – Self-explanatory, see an example! KAIZEN87 | Minecraft Builds | Patreon
  • Building stores – Instead of a Patreon subscription, use a marketplace like (
  • Join a private build team – Together you can achieve more and get bigger clients.
  • Marketplace – Official marketplace partners monetize Bedrock maps for Microsoft.
  • Do renders, cover art – Use skills related to building like 3D modeling or rendering!

A week of skyscraper builds

Ryermeke, the great Minecraft architect and render artist, builds skyscrapers for a week. His efforts were featured on in 2017, where he talked about the behind the scenes of the skyscrapers and his Minecraft building career. More of his content is on his Planet Minecraft page (Ryermeke).

Check it out: Touch the Sky | Minecraft

UPDATE FROM THE FUTURE! Complete – Minecraft Skyscraper week 2024 gallery – PREMIUM MINECRAFT BLOG / For those interested, Ryermeke graduated architecture and is doing well, looking to work on a Minecraft project or two in the future.

Blockopedia Updated Edition

Mojang offers multiple books and guides that take you further into the fantasy world of the game. The original paper encyclopedia, Blockopedia, has been updated in 2021 from its old 2014 version!

Speedruns & Animations

Those who remember classic Minecraft animations like Slamacow, Villager News, famous music videos and beyond know what the animation scene has to offer! And things get more advanced by the day.

On the other hand, “El Redstoniano” uses countless mods to record in-game meme footage – which shows an exaggerated version of how game speedrunners get things done. Lots to do in 1 minute!

Watch it here: Minecraft speedruns be like (original) – YouTube

Redstone & Developer madness

MattBatWings redstone: Best of mattbatwings – YouTube

ShulkerCraft mob farms: Minecraft Farm Tutorials – YouTube

Also, developers on YouTube keep programming Minecraft from scratch. Unbelievable.

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