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WEEKLY NEWSLETTER – Links for exploring and creating in Minecraft

Here’s the usual collection of interesting links, facts and trivia for the Minecraft enthusiast. For builders, explorers and artists. Search for previous Weekly Newsletters for more. And as always – never weekly™!

Listen to the Minecraft podcast

This unofficial podcast has been ongoing for 4 years, and seems to mostly stay under the radar. There’s thoughtful discussion of the game’s features, events, current news, and interviews with creators like Grian.

Block palettes and color pickers

For building! The first link is, a new website capable of showing you blocks similar to the color you pick. The second is the professional Block Palettes website giving pre-made 6-block palettes.

Minecraft/8-bit fonts for editing

Ever wanted to make a logo, banner, poster or thumbnail with blocky text? Minecraft’s font is the Minecrafter Font by MadPixel designs, and there are similar. Always check the legality for commercial use!

Fun fact: The GTA 6/GTA font is the free-to-use PriceDown font developed in 2000s, inspired by the 1970s.

Download the earth in Minecraft

The “Minecraft Earth Map” community put together a free-to-use (with full credit) archive of “High scale maps of the Earth in Minecraft. Available at scales from 1:500 to 1:18000”. If downloading – you need to download all X parts of your wanted terrain download and extract the first one with the .001 extension!

Explore crazy cities from the air

Don’t mistake these for Google Maps! Dedicated realism building communities such as Cubed Creative or the Greenfield team have long-running, massive, imaginary cities that are larger than life. View each city in 2D and 3D for inspiration, see who’s doing what. Cubed Community features multiple smaller worlds.

JUST IN! Cubed is hosting a skyscraper contest until February 22nd (Info on Discord for the interested.)

dynamic map of minecraft city

Dive into nostalgia and archives

Want an old version of Minecraft? Play without hunger and worry? Take an isometric screenshot? Look upon neon colored grass? The Omniarchive is dedicated to “finding and archiving versions of Java Edition that are lost to time”, with a truly nostalgic main-menu-style website. Join over 8K like minded people.

Explore the Far Lands and Betas

I’ve recently gotten involved in the Far Lands and nostalgia community and put together an “archive” of my own. Check my collaborations with the great YouTuber Xelanater for info and list of “walkers”!

Outdated graph:

Graph of ongoing far lands walks outdated

Automate your survival farming


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