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WEEKLY NEWSLETTER – Architecture & Animation

Most realistic city 1: Greenfield

Definitely the single largest Minecraft city size-wise! This sprawling map started in 2011 and is still being worked on today by a large team of builders. It aims to replicate the feeling of walking around a real city while exploring it. The world download gets updated periodically on their Planet Minecraft page.

There are multiple districts, from rich suburs and downtown filled with skyscrapers to poor and industrial areas, all connected by a vast network of roads and other infrastructure.

dynamic map of minecraft city

More realistic city 2: Andea City

Multiple years in the making, this Minecraft city is probably the most life-like to date. It was designed by real architects using every block from the latest version of Minecraft and a custom RTX texture pack. Its resemblance to real life is uncanny, especially in the rendered images that showcase it.

Andea city is filled with modern office towers, and each building has an individual architectural design inspired by how real world buildings are built. Other features are a port, yachts, ferris wheel, stadium. For a full overview of the methods used to create the city, see the Alpine1 channel on Youtube.


moderncraft view of city 2 yacht

Most realistic city 3: Huntington

Huntington City was built between 2015 and 2017 by The Realism Society team. It is huge and features many different zones, a modern airport and an obvious care taken with the extensive road infrastructure. Their Planet Minecraft post (linked below) includes a detailed history, overview and maps of the city. The page used to have a world download 5 years ago, but it is no longer available as of September 2022.

*Old website with resource pack download, Discord chat link, dynamic map of the city

Surreal animation 1: Creeper Aww Man

Remix of CaptainSparklez Revenge with… interesting animation by “Surreal Entertainment”.

Creeper, Aw Man (Music Video) – YouTube

Surreal animation 2: I don’t even know

This somewhat concerning animation by “pamtri” shows a totally legit Minecraft speedrun.

Minecraft In A Nutshell – YouTube

Minecraft Webtoon comic: On Youtube

The Minecraft Webtoon comic featuring Steve dealing with an overly friendly creeper and multiple anime monster mobs… is now an animated series available on creator / scriptwriter Merryweather’s Youtube. The series is ongoing and has now been translated into English voice acting. May contain mature themes.

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