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closeup of lego texture pack

Turn your world into LEGO: BrickCraft (Review)

BrickCraft promises to bring back “memories of our childhoods into Minecraft”. And what can I say, it delivers and does so beautifully, so long as your PC can handle the strain! Take a look at the screenshots here and on the official website and decide for yourself. My own experience with the pack – below.

“Brickcraft is an accurate recreation of the bricks we all play with in our childhoods in Minecraft Java Edition. Our goal is to recreate every block as a brick. Making our beautiful worlds feel even more like a brick world! Brickcraft even works in Vanilla Minecraft without Mods.”

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I tried the texturepack myself – and let’s say it didn’t go too well. I didn’t get to see much, let alone play the game, when Minecraft was freezing for multiple seconds at a time, every few seconds. I got to walk a few blocks, look around and take 2 screenshots. Even with my shaders off the lag persisted (yes I had shaders ON when I first tried the pack).

And this was using the less detailed, free-to-try version of the pack on an average low-end gaming PC. So if you’re going to use this, be warned you’ll want a beefy computer! But it was beautiful a pack.

lego texturepack trees ingame

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