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Throwback Thursday: Mojang’s Stockholm Office

Let me take you back to 2012, to a time when Minecraft exploded in popularity. That year, Mojang’s growing team moved into a brand new 5,920 sqft (549 sqm) office in Stockholm, Sweden.

Their new office was unlike most other offices – a set of elaborate, posh and richly decorated rooms inside a single large hall. There are patterned walls, carpeted floors, upholstered chairs, a pool table and unique design elements. This went entirely against the growing trend of minimalism seen in offices in Sweden and beyond.

Notch is pictured with other members of the Mojang team in the iconic photo of their Office space (seen on the cover). They went as far as formal dress, tea party and pool for the picture! The mood lighting overshadowed by the hall’s dark ceiling truly completes the photo.

The office was nominated for Sweden’s Most Beautiful Office (Links on the award website are 404) and remains a great milestone in the legacy of Notch and Mojang, former owners of Minecraft.

Wikipedia notes that “Mojang’s offices were formerly located on Maria Skolgata 83, Stockholm.” but I’m unsure if this is the same office or an older one. On 15 September 2014 Mojang was sold to Microsoft, and their offices moved.

Sources and links

The office was designed by BSK Architects alongside Studio Stockholm. Fun fact: In 2020, the Studio has designed a set of delicious looking, aptly titled “Yummy Coffee Tables“.

Information and more pictures found at The website credits all photos of the office to Per Kristiansen and Niklas Storbjörk, via Samuel Ryan, founder of both the Minecraft Wiki and Forum. Ryan’s company Redstone Wire Ltd used to manage these websites alongside the MinecraftMuseum.Net and MinecraftServers.Com, and has archived information and links here.


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