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The Interlace inspired APTS COMPLEX in Minecraft

This is a quick experiment of mine. An apartment complex made from stacked blocks (made from even smaller Minecraft blocks!), inspired by the Interlace by architect Ole Scheeren. The post gives a quick overview of the project and how I made it with simple commands. On second thought, this is like a more Soviet version of the Interlace, but meh.

Left renders or photos by

The building blocks

Above is essentially the only thing I build for this project! This simple cuboid apartment served as the base for the project. I then used a few basic commands to create the building block for the apartment complex.

  1. //set for making the basic gray wool cuboid (I black out interiors)
  2. //walls for the clay walls on the outside of the inner dark wool
  3. //stack for the windows and more of //set for the stone outer parts
  4. //replace then //stack to add the darker clay window decoration

Copying and rotating

Looking towards the center of the complex, whose colourful blocks rise up 3 levels.

This part mainly involved copying and rotating to turn a boring building block into an impressive stacked complex. Depending on the amount of copying and refining done, this build could potentially have been made much bigger! Build time is around an hour. The general commands used;

  1. //copy and //paste to make copies of the blocks in their new place
  2. “//rotate <amount>” to rotate the blocks before pasting (I used 25, 65 and 90 rotation for whatever reason, it wasn’t simply random)
  3. //replace to change the wall clay colours and add sneaky variety
  4. “//set poly” to create the geometric pavement around the blocks




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