NORWICH CITY HALL – detailed Minecraft replica

This build is a near-exact recreation of the City Hall in Norwich, UK by me! The Hall is an art deco building completed in 1938, opened by King George VI…


Commercialization of the game

Some of my chaotic thoughts on Minecraft, and how the game has been changing. In 2014 Minecraft was bought up by Microsoft for a solid 2.5 billion dollars, and its…


My first night in Minecraft

Minecraft, the game everyone was talking about! I was bound to try it eventually. Version 1.7 and my first proper survival world! Let’s say it didn’t exactly go to plan….


Inventory considerations for wandering into the end

Note – this is a brief overview, do your research before a real fight! Armor and sword – only the best will do here! Enchanted diamond is the classic choice….


Inventory considerations for exploring the nether

Tools and weapons – taking an extra sword and pick might be a life-saver, or at least very helpful, after prolonged fighting or mining. Take a strong sword, just don’t…


Resources for Minecraft builders and commissions

This is a list of some general resources for Minecraft building, tool usage and commissions found online. Isn’t not the biggest, and may or may not be updated in the…


Minecraft’s major unofficial communities and sites

It’s Mojang’s job to upkeep its list of official Minecraft web sites, but the community has so much beyond that to offer! From forums to chat rooms, wikis, build stores…


Planned road building post

Some tutorial or overview of road building and more is planned. This post is a place holder. Image in the thumbnail (moved here) shows an airport map built by hand…


Inventory considerations if mining underground

Tools – take a few extra shovels and picks (note, an iron or better pickaxe is required for many ores). An extra sword might be worth bringing too, while a…


Inventory basics for any survival adventure

Tools – you never know when an axe, shovel or pick might come in handy! Iron is a good choice of material for tools as well as weapons and armor….


Survival inventory layout and space management

Once you’ve gathered some basic resources and built shelter, sooner or later you’ll want to safely explore your world. Or maybe, you like the idea of being prepared. Ready for…


INSIDE CREATIVE server and archive of buildings

This page is a general archive of content related to my now-closed Inside Creative freebuild server! While most of the builds and worlds weren’t saved with a general server backup,…


Welcome home, lone traveller

Navigating the never-ending blocky landscape, the vast lakes, hills and treelines, from zombies and creepers you try to escape, gathering resources and exploring mines. The world of Minecraft. So big,…


Build highlight: Infinity City!

“The most complex modern city in Minecraft” This amazing (and truly complex) city is the work of player Minecraft Expert. This no longer active master builder owns the no longer…


Minecraft’s pros of Cons

Did I mistype “pros and cons”? No! Because Minecraft actually has plenty of big Cons, and not in the sense you might think (note the capital letter!) They’re not bad…


? Changelog and downsizing

Thinking things through, I’ve realised something. This website is getting too out of hand after all for my time and time-management skills, since I’ve also a server to run, and…