Creator highlight: oCd disco_

Highlight of a renowned creator in the Minecraft community! Disco is a former redstone master builder active until late 2014. He had since moved on to other projects, dubbing himself…


Summary of Find The Pieces and Dragon Hearted

Previous summary of the Fallen Kingdom and Take Back The Night here: Find The Pieces We return to the Fallen Kingdom, during the attack. Before escaping with his family,…


Summary of Fallen Kingdom and Take Back the Night

Summary of Find The Pieces and Dragon Hearted can also be found here: The Fallen Kingdom The King wanders through his empty, ruined kingdom. We see constant flash backs…


? Blog changes and content

Recently the blog has had major visual changes and simplification, and all previously removed posts have been republished! It’s kind of obvious in case you’ve been here before. So now,…


Site history and highlights

Minecraft has for years served as an ever changing source of creativity, entertainment and education for all manner of players. This post is just another update to the blog, and…

minecraft console large airport map

Creative building on console

Open images in new tab for large size. These days most builders opt for the power of tools like World Edit and World Painter to mass-produce impressive structures. And while…


HUDSON RISE HOTEL – Minecraft skyscraper replica

Hudson Rise is a modern mixed use skyscraper planned for Manhattan, New York. The impressive project is yet to break ground around 2025, but its Minecraft counter part now stands…


Portfolio of realistic building

Open images in new tab for large size. This is a gallery of various projects I’ve built over these past years! The theme is mostly realistic sci fi and modern….


Skyscraper, roads and other stuff

Moving on from the Norwich Project, something different will be posted soon! Behind the scenes road building, a planned skyscraper, etc. I also aim to publish a World Edit tutorial…


TATLIN TOWER – Minecraft replica of the monument

After two days of building, Vladimir Tatlin’s famous constructivist tower now exists in Minecraft! The near-exact replica uses stone-based blocks, terracotta and extensive use of World Edit. It stands at…


NORWICH upcoming replicas

This is a short post to outline some possible up coming buildings in the Norwich Project. The next one is planned for around next month. As always, major updates will…


Norwich Project and server

The so called Norwich Project is a personal project of mine to replicate parts of Norwich, UK in Minecraft! Its name is inspired by the impressive London Project by team…


NORWICH CITY HALL – detailed Minecraft replica

This build is a near-exact recreation of the City Hall in Norwich, UK by me! The Hall is an art deco building completed in 1938, opened by King George VI…


Commercialization of the game

Some of my chaotic thoughts on Minecraft, and how the game has been changing. In 2014 Minecraft was bought up by Microsoft for a solid 2.5 billion dollars, and its…


My first night in Minecraft

Minecraft, the game everyone was talking about! I was bound to try it eventually. Version 1.7 and my first proper survival world! Let’s say it didn’t exactly go to plan….


Inventory considerations for wandering into the end

Note – this is a brief overview, do your research before a real fight! Armor and sword – only the best will do here! Enchanted diamond is the classic choice….