circular black white building

ARCEON PLUGIN overview of features (Review)

This is a PAID mod, but you can use it free on the Builder’s Refuge server! In short, the Arceon mod adds a ton of very good features for the…

closeup of lego texture pack

Turn your world into LEGOS: BrickCraft (Review)

BrickCraft promises to bring back “memories of our childhoods into Minecraft”. And what can I say, it delivers and does so beautifully, so long as your PC can handle the…

comparison old vs new inventory

Minecraft 1.19.3 new creative inventory layout

I don’t play on the newest versions so I didn’t notice at first. However, a major change in update 1.19.3 has been the complete re-organization of the creative inventory. Some…

Poster of rising kingdom animated video

FALLEN KINGDOM is back after years! (Rising Kingdom and lore)

Previous songs Fallen Kingdom plot summary in one sentence – Premium Minecraft Blog Now… Rising Kingdom – fighting the Warden Rising Kingdom After 6 years, the 5th installment in the…

clean renders scifi minecraft builds

CHUNKY tutorial – start to end text-based introduction to rendering

How you present your Minecraft build matters. Step up your professionalism using Chunky. A good render can improve any build – but don’t overdo it and create false expectations when…

default texture title with grass tiled

How to find the Default Texture Pack for any Minecraft version

I came across a 7 year old thread on Reddit that still holds up. Two commenters very clearly and concisely explains how to get and use the default textures for…

photo collage world edit tutorial

World Edit rotating and tilted buildings [beginner tutorial]

Here is a step-by-step introduction to World Edit rotation, specifically how to rotate and tilt buildings. It was inspired by a popular “abandoned city” post shared on the Minecraft subreddit….

reflection photo vs minecraft build

Fusing creative photography with creative Minecraft

This was made in 2019 but I haven’t shared it here yet. I came across this “perfect reflection” on Reddit and completely changed the concept from a riverside reflection into…

minecraft museum square with tree

Christmas feature: Skogliv Norsk Minecraft server

The header image shows a beautiful Minecraft recreation of the Trafalgar Square in Westminster, Central London. Not every build must be massive and over-detailed to look beautiful, as demonstrated here….

wall-e axiom city in minecraft

Build highlight: The Axiom ship city from WALL-E

Player “Figure 8” had taken upon themselves to accurately recreate the WHOLE Axiom ship from Pixar’s WALL-E in the game! A series of 12 videos showcases the full build. In…

paw patrol hq in minecraft

Paw Patrol the Movie HQ in Minecraft

Here is my attempt to recreate the pups headquarters in Adventure City. The HQ appears in the 2021 animated Paw Patrol movie. There is a full interior and a bit…

wood and store mansion WIP

Quick survival build: Fancy SkyBlock Estate WIP

This is my design for an imaginary estate / mansion / castle on the server. The server adds features like currency and chest shops to classic SkyBlock, making it…

glsl acid shaders cover text

Break your Minecraft world: ACID MOD (Review)

Acid can be defined as slang for LSD – and this mod stays true to its name. Also known as psychadelic shaders, the Acid Shaders mod makes your Minecraft world…

mobs available in tropicraft

The Tropicraft mod is getting updated! (Review)

Ever wanted to transport yourself into hawaiian paradise in Minecraft? Look no further than Tropicraft, which after years has been updated to the very latest Minecraft versions! With 5 million…

scrapyard ft MinecraftRepro

Scrappunk style modern post-apoc city

Terrain done by MinecraftRepro ( This is an old commission project. Set within a mountain valley, this modern city is made up of 20+ skyscrapers on the banks of a…

portfolio modern mansion

Modern mansion replica in Minecraft

I thought I’ve posted about this here, but looks like I haven’t. This mansion build is a replica based off a single picture of a mansion, WHICH itself is a…