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New QUICK PLAY in Java launcher

Quick Play is a new feature now in Beta testing under launcher settings. Personally I find this unnecessary and don’t bother keeping up with the content overload in recent updates (nostalgia). The way this feature is presented makes me think of the push to (the more profitable) Bedrock that Microsoft has been slowly pushing. For all news and updates visit Minecraft.Net or check out the “slicedlime” dev YT channel.

First impressions

Full FAQ and discussion: Java Quick Play in the Launcher – Minecraft Feedback

To enable Beta: Launcher -> Settings bottom left -> Experimental features section.

Once enabled, Quick Play allows you to load instantly into a world or server from the launcher, shaving 2 clicks and a few seconds off your gaming experience. In specific circumstances this might be of use. If you don’t switch between older versions or different mods and only use the latest version of Minecraft, you’ll be fine.

My “favorite” part is the fact that only the latest version of Minecraft is supported (1.20 at time of writing – will likely support future releases). It’s like they couldn’t just let you load straight into any other older world. This is likely due to corporate safety laws (The checkboxes when you switch/modify versions etc.) I seem to be able to load older versions through Quick Play, but it simply launches the main game menu.

.minecraft has a new quickPlay folder to store the Quick Play world data during gameplay.

Overall: could be useful.

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