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NEW: Listen to the latest Blog Post, Podcast-style!

Introducing an experiment in the consumption of Blog content. In other words, I decided to record the most recent (not-so) Weekly Newsletter post as a proper voiced over video, with added visuals! Watch or listen to the video on my channel (or click the image at the bottom).

All feedback is welcome – bug me through your preferred social media. This video is purely an experiment to create an interactive, visual way to consume my blog content! I realize blogs aren’t conventional these days, and as my ambitions expand I plan to keep pushing out useful content, builds and inspiration in new ways. I’ll make more of this blog-to-video stuff in the future if this works out.

Links and other news

Cubed-Con (The Mini MineCon?) is broadcasting live on Twitch. This unofficial event has started and will run between 6-8th October just behind Minecraft Live. I built a city parkour for the Project Run 2 community effort there.

Links from the video:

  1. Original post: WEEKLY NEWSLETTER – MC Wiki, MC Live, Kibo – Premium Minecraft Blog
  2. New MC wiki: The Minecraft Wiki
  3. MC Live news: Minecraft Community | Minecraft
  4. Kibo sculpture: Kibo (
  5. Team Lyrah: Team Lyrah on Planet Minecraft
  6. Bjarke Ingels: Bjarke Ingels: Architecture should be more like Minecraft – YouTube
  7. Alpine1: The Influence of Minecraft on Gen-Z – YouTube
YT thumbnail MC live podcast

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