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My first night in Minecraft

Minecraft, the game everyone was talking about! I was bound to try it eventually. Version 1.7 and my first proper survival world! Let’s say it didn’t exactly go to plan. Not when night came, anyway.

Upon spawning, I wander round aimlessly, exploring the world with no knowledge of anything past how to walk. My WASD keys are set to arrows, and no tree gets chopped. No inventory opens. My walk is slow and awkward, but I’m enjoying the experience… with not even the most basic knowledge of gameplay whatsoever.

Disaster strikes! I fall into a ditch. No problem, I can dig myself out, right?

I start to dig at a wall, and two blocks get broken… before water floods into the ditch! Now I’m really losing all hope as the current pushes me back. I walk forward, tap or hold, press space once or twice… no luck. I don’t even know how to swim! What was I thinking?

I continue to struggle as night starts to fall. The sky turns a brilliant orange, then suddenly gray and dark… I hear someone groan nearby, still trapped and alone. Next thing I know, a zombie falls into the ditch, and wastes no time to attack! I put up no fight, confused and scared in the darkness.

The death screen shows up, and I quit. The next time I play, weeks or months would have passed. But at least I’d be more prepared.

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