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Modern mansion replica in Minecraft

I thought I’ve posted about this here, but looks like I haven’t. This mansion build is a replica based off a single picture of a mansion, WHICH itself is a computer render and not a real mansion as far as I know.

There is full interior (although I’m not good at interiors), multiple super-cars, and a beautiful exterior and garden. The walls are white concrete and the roof is Blackstone (not Deepslate, which is lighter). The scale is grand, with 5 block high floors and a weird layout set around two central courtyards (which is part of the reason why the interior is what it is). The build took multiple hours over 2-3 days.

My Planet Minecraft:

Image showcase

collage showing white minecraft mansion

Behind the scenes

Superflat world and World Edit mod. I selected a part of the ground and rotated it to make a hillside. I used red wool to rough out the layout, then stacked it down (-a flag) and filled in floors to make the foundations. Then it was a matter of “moulding” the forms of the mansion, leaving holes for windows and doors.

Once I had an empty shell of the mansion that I was happy with, I added details like glass in the windows and columns to the exterior. Meanwhile I also worked on the garden outside – some bone meal, seats, trees… Last came the roof, the super-cars and the interior. I found making the garage and back of the mansion somewhat difficult at first.

making process collage of mansion

Comparison pics

The render image of the real life mansion I used as reference VS the build with shaders VS the build with no shaders. I either used BSL or Wisdom shaders (can’t remember but most likely BSL)

mansion build comparison real life

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