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modern cyberpunk city build

Modern cyberpunk city [quick showcase]

This small slice of a futuristic, cyberpunk megacity was built for the 2048 Planet Minecraft contest in 2019. It features 3 towers surrounded by messy wires, pipes, walkways and bridges. There are flying cars and a high speed train in the sky. The streets are littered with debris and the buildings overgrown. Neon lights blind you from the otherwise dark and metallic buildings.

The build was done over a few days on the Builders Refuge server (1.12 version). Each building is essentially made up of sections //stack-ed with World Edit. Custom details include flying cars, walkways, neon-style glass billboards, random lights and lines of holographic glass light… things.

5 | 2048 cyberpunk futuristic city [download 1.12+] Minecraft Map (

Distopian cyberpunk

futuristic city build in void

Year 2048. The blue marble stands empty, a vast and desolate testimony.
Our innovative technologies propelled humanity – and destroyed its home.

When reality broke through, those who could, escaped. Too many couldn’t.

The vision that replays in their heads as they rebuild their foundations.
Technology still thrives, but to a lesser extent in their discovered home.

Cars soar above, weaving past the sleek, densely packed skyscrapers.
A high speed train shakes the mesh of bridges, walk ways and piping.

Neon lights illuminate the sky, like the dim stars of the galaxy far above.
The distant galaxy where humanity still exists, thrives. And remembers.

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