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Minecraft is – Impossible (Without friends and internet)

I imagine some people in the ancient days of Minecraft opened up the game, didn’t know what to do and emailed notch… Because unlike Minecraft: Story Mode, normal Minecraft has no real storyline.

There is no linear progression or a set goal, because it’s a sandbox. But you still need to KNOW stuff in order to unlock new blocks, recipes and dimensions. So if placing and destroying blocks isn’t enough for you, how would you know what to do? The truth is, without friends or online guides, you simply wouldn’t get far.

  • How would a newbie figure out on their own how to craft a bow? Rails? Cake? Armor? A crafting table?
  • Until 1.16, nothing told you how to get to the Nether, or that you even CAN get there. The newely added ruined portal now serves as a hint.
  • How would you figure out how to craft and use eyes of ender, let alone what’s on the other side of the opened end portal?
  • Etc

However, this all encourages exploration and experimentation, as many things are intuative. For example, you would accidentally throw an ender eye and follow to see where it leads. More solutions:

  • The advancements / achievements show you what can be done, but they don’t tell you how.
  • The recipe book was added in 1.12 and solved all crafting issues, as the player can preview every item and how to make it. But again, it doesn’t tell you HOW to get the ingredients.
  • Just get friends or an internet connection, it’s not hard. This very fact you’re reading this post makes it pointless.

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