How strong is steve? (FULL CALCULATIONS)


The inventory consists of 4 armor slots, 36 storage slots (including the hot bar) and an off-hand slot. There are also 4 crafting grid slots, which can be filled if you stand on dropped items with a full inventory.

Shulkers are used to maximize space. You can place filled shulkers in the off-hand, inventory and crafting grid. Therefore, you end up with 4 armor slots and 41 slots with shulkers for maximum inventory capacity.

Each shulker can hold 27 items. 27×41= 1107 stacks of items.

Of all the ores in the game, pure gold is the heaviest in real life.*

A block in Minecraft (and therefore a gold block) is 1 meters cubed. And that’s a LOT. As per various online calculators, a cubic meter of pure gold weighs a whooping 19.3 tonnes.

19.3×64= 1235 tonnes of gold in a stack.

1235×41 slots= 50635 tonnes of gold in the inventory.

Gold armor:**

Armor is made of ingots. A gold block is made of 9 ingots, and 9 ingots make a gold block. So the weight is retained.

Therefore a single ingot will be 19.3/9= 2.1 tonnes. And these are some BIG bars of gold, likewise the gold block.

A full set of armor is made from 24 ingots. 24×2.1= 50.4 tonnes weight from the armor.

This all adds up to 50.4+50635= 50685.4 TONNES of gold that Steve is able to carry.



  • Steve carries an impossible volume and weight of items. He manages to condense this down enough to be transported.
  • edit: look up hammer space
  • Steve will collapse in on himself, forming a black hole, neutron star or end portal.
  • Do not try these calculations at home.
  • Finally, do not attempt to apply logic to minecraft.


  • Did not include the extra weight of the shulkers. These blocks are purely fictional and cannot be calculated.
  • Did not use enchanted golden apples (notch apples) in calculations because:
  • a) their crafting recipe is not reversible, so we can’t be sure that the weight of the ingredients is retained.
  • b) in addition, they can no longer be obtained in survival

*anvils are actually the heaviest, but again their recipe is not reversible

anvil = 3 blocks iron + 4 iron ignots

1 cubic meter of iron is 7.8 tonnes. 7.8×3= 23.4 tonnes

7.8/9= 0.85 weight of an iron ingot. 0.85×4= 3.4

23.4+3.4= 26.8 TONNES per anvil, which is heavier than a gold block!

**armor is not reversible either and may not retain the weight, especially since smelting it down in a furnace gives single nuggets.

But for the sake of this post the armor either retains the weight, or any excess can account for the unknown weight of the shulkers.

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