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Furnished Christmas Mansion and Making of ❄️

How else to celebrate a Minecraft Christmas than… building an ultra-clean, ultra-realistic, modern mansion with XMAS decorations?! As they say, to each their own. Here’s a quick overview of the build. There’s a full time-lapse, showcase and download at the end. Enjoy the build, enjoy the holidays!

Build time: Around 7 hours. Not bad for a fully improvised and furnished perfectionist design!

1. Terrain and planning

I built the mansion on a bit of snowy mountain terrain for that winter vibe. ModernCraft server and texture pack. Complementary Reimagined shaders! I didn’t use any specific inspiration – it’s completely imaginary and I improvised as I went. I wanted to keep the build as clean, minimalist, realistic and ultra-modern as I could! You be the judge of how that turned out. I worked with the terrain, carving out small bits to fit the foundations on a flatter bit of terrain. Made a simple column grid and built out from there.

WIP columns of house

2. Right side of the home

The final home ended up having a left and right part connected by a bridge/gallery. In the meantime, I followed my grid and built out the right side. Remember, this is improvised – I wasn’t sure how I’d expand to the left yet, but I knew I had a hill in the way, and I wanted to work with the terrain, not against it. To contrast with the cubes and add a Scandinavian lodge vibe, I made triangular roof parts at the back.

WIP front view of mansion

3. Funny shapes and forms

Look at the picture below. That whole third floor is non-existent in the final build. It stuck out awkwardly, and the inside was cramped. It’s good to sleep with it and give your build a look with a fresh pair of eyes, as well as to ask for feedback… Thanks Solid. Anyway, I took great care with this build, improvising to fit each part into everything else until I had something I was happy with. Check out those shaders though!

WIP of mansion weird roof

4. Fiat Multipla super-car

You read that right. I needed a super-car for the little garage bit of my mansion. Clearly, none other than the controversial and affordable Fiat Multipla would fit here! A well-executed joke. It’s not that obvious what the car is if I did not tell you – I used a debug stick to get the stair shapes, and the glass slabs are textured shulkers. Always take care with cars: mirrors, sunroof, lights, handles… I’ll elaborate in the future.

Fiat Multipla Minecraft car


YOUTUBE: MODERN XMAS MANSION & Detailed interior — Cinematic shader time-lapse (

PLANETMC: Modern XMAS MANSION full interior [Download 1.20.1] Minecraft Map (

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