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simcity recreated in minecraft

Creator highlight: GNwork team (SimCity in Minecraft!)

COVER IMAGE: GNwork on Planet Minecraft

This creative building team have recreated literally tens of huge American and Chinese cities. Yet, many of their projects stay underrated with only a handful thousand views. They have been around for the past multiple years. GNwork mostly create scaled down replicas of real life locations in America and China.

These include Los Angeles, Beijing Imperial City, Moscow, Seattle and Shanghai. They ventured into other projects too, such as recreating a few buildings from SimCity. YES, THE COVER IMAGE IS MINECRAFT!

There is also WZA city, a personal project started by 2 team members, which now exists as a huge imaginary city in the game. Complete with ports, stadiums, huge road infrastructure, many skyscrapers and construction sites, airports and freeways.

“Playing gta in minecraft with my friends thanks to this map” – Zach on Planet Minecraft.

aerial render huge ingame city

About GNwork

GNwork is a modern architecture building team from China, managed by member VotMaf. They merge art and architecture and use Minecraft as their canvas. Some of their builds are uncanny realistic!

Their builds are on Youtube ( GNwork – YouTube ) and the Chinese BiliBili ( 【Minecraft 4K】我们几乎烧完了全年预算——只为这200秒的极致效果 GNwork新年建筑展示_我的世界_游戏集锦 ( )

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