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Build highlight: 1:1 Krakow city recreation

I’ve been fortunate to join a few talented builders in recreating a part of Krakow city, Poland. The project is currently on hold but here is some of our current progress. The Wawel Royal castle, a train station and surrounding areas have been built. A large part of what we built is purely the beautiful townhouses.

Gallery and info

Build process

We use Google Maps and Google Earth. The city is 1:1 accurate, meaning that each block ingame is equal to 1 meter in real life. Right clicking on Google Maps allows us to bring up the measure tool to measure the outline of a building. We then use Google Earth or Google Maps street view to see what the building looks like and recreate it ingame.

We make the front wall, then use World Edit to quickly add in the side and back walls. The backs of the buildings stay plain though, as we can’t see the back. Lastly we make a simple roof, and add the last details like a roof overhang, chimney or anything we missed or want changed on the front facade.

Inbetween the buildings are accurate diagonal streets taken from Google Maps with trams and vehicles.

townhouse in mc and real life

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