Yep, here we go! Some very few simple terms and conditions to hopefully prevent any issues while browsing the site. I’ve kept it brief, so allow yourself time to read those few rules. It should make life easier for everyone!

  • Keep comments appropriate and related. No spam or ads. This also applies to the Contact page.
  • Your first ever comment needs to be manually approved. Any comments with links are moderated. I may edit/delete any inappropriate comments.
  • Comments on posts close automatically 90 days after publishing.
  • All content belongs to/was made by the site owner © [Premium] Minecraft. Appropriate credit is always given otherwise. You may use some content for own purposes as long as you give credit and tell me. The site has a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.
  • The posts and pages here are appropriate for all readers and are checked regularly/updated where needed. But I cannot take responsibility for any possible issues caused by linked sites. All links are appropriate, related and open in new tabs, so all should be good.
  • This website is based around the sandbox game Minecraft but is not associated with it’s creators, Mojang.

Last updated (and shortened!)/up to date as of 5th November. I’ll announce any major changes.