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Here since October 2017, Inside [Creative] is a quickly expanding, 1.12 freebuild server.

We have plotworlds, regular buildoffs, plugins such as World Edit to boost your game experience, and more.

So that means: everything to help make your stay as good as it can possibly be.

We've got active Staff on hand everyday, and we accept all builders - whatever their age, style or size of builds.

From modern, realistic cityscapes to small, trad houses, we're always trying to push the limits of what's possible.

We're in the process of developing our first city, Clover - our main city on the server.

Want to see it, or help out with anything?

Join us here...


And remember - the only limit is your imagination.

Happy building! 🙂






Find our Builder Application form here.

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Donate to support the server and help pay for hosting by clicking here. Thanks in advance - we appreciate all donations, big or small!

Our team

Owner: MegaMinerDL | Co-owner: Shawn123p

Staff: Razzerz_, Dolphines, _Daaaniel_, WaterSword, Jieep






Need to talk to us? Find us on-


Planet Minecraft

Or use the Contact page of this website.







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