After a few months of being just a blog, it’s time to move on; expand. Premium Minecraft is growing, and needs more space, mainly to fit in a new server page – one of the few things planned for the future. Here is a sneak peak at an exciting the update of the website, coming up in parts over the next few weeks!

So, what’s planned?

  • We’re getting a proper homepage! All the posts will be moved over to another page, leaving space for a fresh, new homepage to be put into place. It might make things easier – especially navigating the website!
  • The posts will be moved  over to a new Blog page, to keep the blog posts seperate from other stuff, as mentioned earlier.
  • A news page will be added. This has already been done, as you’ve probably noticed already. This page will simply be a place where you’ll find any important information and/or announcments, such as this post.
  • A server page will be added for my new creative server, Inside [Creative]. It will have all the information you need about the server, and will have a subpage for any posts to do with it (see Server category).
  • Small tweaks and improvements might be made to the overall look of the website and it’s pages. Those include things like changing the footer and sidebars, or updating the About page for when those changes are made.

That’s all for now. Please bear with me in case the website breaks a bit here and there while the changes are made.

Got any other suggestions etc.? You can tell me throught the Contact page, or in the comments below. Oh, and enjoy the changes – when they came, that is!


‘Premium Minecraft 2.0?’ – we’re getting an update!