Any sports fans out there? Well, whether you’re a fan of football, or just like seeing big builds in Minecraft, this project will surely interest you, because with about 90 blocks in width, and a 120 in length, it’s already pretty big(ish), not even being close to finish! When done, it will hopefully be one of my biggest and best projects I have done. Maybe even some mobs will drop by for a game! If I ever finish it, that is – not only is it quite a big build, but I’m also busy lately, partly with other projects. But I’m sure I’ll find some time for it; enough to eventually complete it – can’t disappoint soccer fans, can ya?

And if not, then I’ve plan B! ALthough I was going for impressive and realistic with this stadium, it didn’t go completely to plan (A)… so I have a backup plan, in that someday I might recreate the whole stadium completely, but bigger and even more realistic. I might build some reserve benches too – I failed miserably when I tried here, long ago! Although let’s not forget that this stadium was build in default Minecraft, where options can be limited. So if I were to go with the backup plan I would probably build the stadium on my Server using its texturepack. It would be more public and anyone could visit it ingame, but visitors would need the textures… so many options! I mean, there’s always plan C, which is to let go and don’t work on/build a stadium at all..! Heh, “can’t disappoint soccer fans, can ya?” yeah right.

Anywayyy, back on track: here’s a quick overview of the stadium so far, and what I hope it’ll become. Keep in mind that it is only about 10-15% done… Makes me wonder why I did this post in the first place! So, there’s the main thing, the pitch itself, which together with the goals turned out pretty good I’d say. Next, I worked on the seats (obviously), and I’ve done 2 levels so far, with more to come to fit everyone in.

There are a few tunnels – 4 on the corners to lead the public out, and 2 in the middle side leading to what will become the changing rooms etc. Then, on top of the middle tunnels, I started making the inside itself. So far there’s a room for the commentators and another space which is supposed to become some sort of restaurant/bar. There’s also… some grass, a few stairs… uhh yeah, that’s basically it so far! I used some World Edit when building, and I’m sure that the plugin will come to more use later on.

If I ever finish the stadium, then as mentioned before I hope to make it a big, impressive, realistic pitch worthy of any football player. Hopefully. I could even have a whole sports complex, roads, carparks… If I built it on my Server, the town would already be there… so many options here too! Although I have a concern… where in Minecraft do you find a ball?

Brookes Football Stadium – calling all soccer fans!
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