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Starting out as a YouTube channel making Minecraft Adventure Maps, Hypixel is now one of the largest and highest quality Minecraft Server Networks in the world.

Quote from website. You knew it was coming: you’ve probably seen or heard of Hypixel at some point, whether from a friend, a list of top Minecraft servers etc. But whatever the case, it’s surely no server to be missed or ignored! Because, well, it’s not featured as the no.1 server on so many lists for no reason. And it doesn’t finally have its own Server of the Month for no reason, either! So, what does Hypixel have to offer?

Most people already have a basic knowledge of what Hypixel is if they’ve heard of it. But to be honest, it is everything..! Literally: Together, it must have like 50 games! Including the well-known bigger ones such as bed wars, build battle, cops and crims and various TNT games; As well as many smaller quick-paced minigames in the Arcade. Many of their games are original as well – They must have some pretty nerdy, but amazing at their job, admins! Or more like gamemakers? Let’s not get me talking about the Hunger Games, shall we..?

The playing environment there is secure, and any hackers, scammers etc get reasonably punished quickly. Such a big server needs to be safe, right? Strangely, they only seem to have 4 rules on their website, but they work (there are sub-rules, but still…) Other than the occasional baddie, a common thing on all servers, Hypixel has no downsides that I can name at this moment. It’s a tamed beast – a big but friendly server with something for everyone. There may not be for example a whole survival or creative gamemode, but there are bits of everything to suit the widespread community. And say you want a proper survival world, not a small survival minigame, then you can always go look for another server that does specifically that. But if you want to have some fun challenging your friends (or strangers!), then Hypixel has you all set!

⭐Safe playing environment

⭐Something for everyone with a range of games & modes

⭐Fun, original game concepts

⭐Seperate lobbies for each mode built by the skilled build team

What else is there to add? If you read the last star point above, then that’s another thing to add, actually. Yep, each of their games has a seperate lobby –  and they’re not that small too. And let’s not forget the endless game arenas. Someone had to build it all. And here, it was no one other than the skilled builders from Hypixel! Their Staff are good too, managing such a big server for so long with little, if any, downtime; Although they must be in vanish all the time as, at least I, don’t see them at all when playing there! Maybe once or twice… Or my luck is as bad as when you get a super unlucky block in their Lucky Block mode! Yeah, that’s a thing too – not necessary found on many servers..!

Well, time to end this longer-than-usual Server of the Month post (although it is for a pretty big server!) It wasn’t a creative server for once, too..! Although there are many creative modes there… I might check them out now – I’m still very much a builder, not a survivor! Sorry for the lack of pictures, but what was there to be screenshoted – alobby full of players? There are many impressive (and busy) lobbies and games there, but how do you screenshot a game without it looking like a random picture of some players that could hava come from anywhere..? All that you can explore yourself – ip at the top(ish). So see you next month, as the Server of the Month posts are finally returning, proper.

Image credits: logo/hypixel.net

Server of the Month 🏆 – Hypixel
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