Mojang had, at last, revealed a new Q&A video on MineCon Earth. It’s over half an hour long and pretty informative if you ask me! It answers many questions you might have and has been achieved by locking some Mojang staff in a room and forcing them to answer… At least that’s what Marsh Davies says – but can you trust his words? You can watch the video here.

I regret my previous statement and wish to clarify that the room was not locked and they were free to leave at any time.

Yep, never trust a Marsh..! As well as that, in case you haven’t already heard, Mojang are planning a series of official community events all around the globe! With the help of their partners, they plan to create events closer to the growing community of Minecraft fans. Hopefully this time they’ll include more locations outside of America, unlike Minecon’s official viewing locations..! So look out for more info if you think you’re interested; some should be available on Minecraft’s official website. Who knows – an event could be planned near, or even in, your local area – fingers crossed?

You’ll get to meet your favourite YouTubers and streamers, compete in tournaments and costume contests, see unique content and more.

Quotes from Hmm, seems like a mini Minecon..! That’s all, stay tuned for more info – you never know when it’ll come out. I might do a separate post on the community events if required! Feel free to comment below – will you visit one of the “mini Minecons”..? Or maybe the Minecon Earth at one of its viewing locations? Not like I’m a spy, trying to find out your position!

See this and this post for some more (possibly outdated in some parts) info.

Official Minecon Earth website

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Official community events & MineCon QA
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