This is a quick post giving you an overview of the recent site and post changes, to go along with the bigger website updates that were happening (more info in this recent post). More of an announcement really, but a useful one I think!

So starting straight off, I’ll go over the changes done to the site and its pages.

Firstly, the pages got some last finishing touches, and the homepage text was altered a bit. But those are tiny tweaks, for a new page was added! The Gallery page is finally here, with its display of builds of all shapes and sizes! It has enabled comments, therefore enabling you to share your opinions of the builds, or whatever. Of course, it’s still small, and mostly has images of builds mentioned on this blog, or from my creative server. Those were the only ones that I had at this moment, as the page is quite fresh still. But fear not, as more pictures should come in the near future! You can also suggest your (or your team’s) own builds in the comments on the page, or through Contact. I’ll give credit. Bit of free advertising, huh?

The proper Server page, for my creative server, will be done too at some point since it’s still got the “Page coming soon” text on it! It will give a general overview of the server, which is a great place for the builders in the community to hang out. Actually, that page might have comments too, but we’ll see. Some pictures of the server’s builds can be found on the Gallery page already, though, if you want to take a look.

There will also be a few last tiny design tweaks, which will involve me trying to grasp lines after lines of code..! The website footer was edited too, and unnecessary clutter removed, but I might change it slightly still. There’s also the white… footer footer? Well, I’ll deal with it, while you just read..! Lastly, the Terms page was updated too for what I hope is the last time (until further notice!), so please take a quick while to read the rules there.

Moving on to some facts about posts!

The posts here had, and will have, some general, visual changes. As you might have seen lately, the posts have lengthened slightly, although I don’t feel this is a bad thing. They’re not too long (well, except an upcoming 3000-word long one..! You’ll see why when it comes out), and give even more useful content than they used to. So hopefully longer but better!

Another thing is if you’ve been reading any of the recent posts, or even skimming the titles, you might have noticed something else. I kind of stopped doing posts about Minecraft builds and projects, leaving any builder readers sad… But those should soon return, as I feel the blog should have a mix of posts! From overviews and reviews, through news and updates, to builds and plugins, and so on. Although I don’t feel so bad about leaving the build posts out – here’s why: there’s now the Gallery page! Yeah, that one I mentioned earlier. There may have been, and still might continue to be, fewer posts about builds, but the Gallery page will soon be updated. And I’ll keep updating it every once in a while, leaving plenty of inspiration and happiness for builders!

I also finally realised that tags are a thing a few weeks ago..! Meaning that navigation was hopefully made easier. You might, for example, have a post in the Builds category, and tagged with Modern and Skyscraper. Sticky posts made an appearance too. Any important posts will be pinned so that they stay at the top of the Blog page. Those will also have (📌) in the name to make it less confusing. The post you’re reading right now is pinned too, at least for some time after publishing!

And that’s basically it for the changes. Hopefully, all is done, and better than ever!

If I was annoying, I could probably think of a few more tiny changes… But those would go under the previously mentioned “tiny design tweaks” etc. So thanks for reading, and please tell me any thoughts (or more criticism..!) below, about the updates or the post itself. Even more various posts coming weekly! I’ll keep my promise about the posts returning to normal, don’t worry!

(📌) A new way to spread the Minecraftness
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