This is a quick post giving you an overview of the minor recent site and, more importantly, post changes, to go along with the bigger website updates that were happening (more info in this post). More of an announcement really, but a useful one I think! And first, just going to remind of the newly-updated Terms page. Please quickly read the rules there… The site also had some last design tweaks done – including, again, optimising for mobile devices. Yes, the site is fully accessible in your pocket, and now 20% more uncluttered!

Now onto the main thing: posts! I have finished proofreading and overviewing them all now. The posts had, and will have, some general, visual changes. As you might have seen lately, the posts have lengthened slightly, although I don’t feel this is a bad thing. They’re not too long (well, except an upcoming 3000-word long one..! You’ll see why when it comes out), and give even more useful content than they used to. So hopefully longer but better! Another thing you may have noticed is that I stopped doing posts about Minecraft builds and projects – Without realising it to be honest. But don’t worry, as those should return now. Sorry, builders!

I also finally realised that tags are a thing a few weeks ago… So navigation was hopefully made easier! You might, for example, have a post in the Builds category, and tagged with Modern and Skyscraper. Sticky posts made an appearance too. I will pin any important posts and announcements for some time from now on. Those will stay at the top of the Blog page using magic, and will have (📌) in the name to make it less confusing..! I pinned this post, for example – at least for some time after publishing!

And that’s it really – just look at the sparkly new posts! If I was annoying, I could probably think of a few more tiny changes… But let’s not bother! So thanks for reading, and please tell me any thoughts (or more criticism..!) below, about the updates or the post itself. Even more various posts coming weekly! I’ll (try to) keep my promise about the posts returning to normal, don’t worry! Some of what’s coming up: a post about diamonds, stuff about Minecrafty events and builds, and a story about a wave..!

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