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Some new details about the MineCon Earth are finally out! So what’s new?

Well, you can now submit your entries for the official costumes contest! Simply (or not simply..!) make a cool Minecraft costume, take some photos or a video of it and fill in this form for a chance be one of the 3 winners. You can submit an entry until the 22nd October; Good luck to all those who try!

The main addition – Official Viewing Party locations! MineCon 2017’s place is a secret – but tickets are bought separately depending on which viewing location you choose, meaning that MineCon in a way takes place all over the world! Yep, Mojang are organising special viewing points all over the world, where you’ll be able to watch the stream on the big day amongst other fans. Although the only places set up for now seem to be in USA, and maybe one or two in the UK… But I’m sure many more (international?) will come.

Ok, ok – I did some further research! And here is what I found. MineCon 2017 will officially be held in…

Googles search result for 'where will minecon 2017 be held'

More like on, not in: Earth. I mean, they’re not wrong… Google never stops surprising (and being cheeky)! So, back on track: as mentioned before, the tickets are separate for each viewing place. See the official list of viewing points so far here. But hurry if you want a ticket; I’m sure they won’t last too long, and there’s only a few weeks to go!

Other info includes: limited edition Minecraft merch is now available at J!NX or Target, for anyone willing to spend a few bucks on a new shirt, cap or turquoise sheep! I also updated the last MineCon post slightly, so for more info please check it out.

And that’s it for now! Tell me what you make of all this in the comments, and make sure to check back for any new stuff about Minecon Earth. You wouldn’t want to miss out on any new details!

Quick MineCon Earth overview:

  • It’s just like MineCon; But available to watch online on the many popular streaming websites!
  • The stream goes live on Saturday 18th November 2017 at 5:00 pm!
  • Tickets should soon be available on MineCon’s official webpage
  • If you want, you can pre-order online limited time Minecraft merch.

Official MineCon Earth webpage

Image credits: logo/minecraft.net

New info about MineCon Earth 2017
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