When we think of rare ores in Minecraft, the first thing we picture are most likely diamonds. With the ability to make strong armour & weapons, and of course look nice, we’re not far off. But actually, all ores can be hard to mine and find alone, depending on where you look. Especially the precious ones, like redstone, lapis or diamond. Those can really have you in for a long day or a few of mining. (Although redstone does give 4-5 dust straight away per block?)

So what is the point of this post then?

Well, to at least try to show you the epic task players are faced with everyday in the dark depths of Minecraft’s endless caves and ravines… it takes quite some dedication (and plenty of time!) at times  – think of how tired your Steve or Alex would be if a tiredness bar were  to be added into Minecraft! So anyway, read on for my big mining story – compressed into a small paragraph (well, two!)…

Day 5, The World of Minecraft

Finally, I’ve reached the right depth. I can feel the bedrock particles floating from under me, as darkness spreads out in the tunnel in front. I look up once more to admire the days of work; smooth stone walls and an immaculate staircase. The sun is high up – noon, plenty of time to mine. I sigh and get on with the job at hand. I go into the tunnel and enter one of the many passages spreading out to the left and right. As they say: forewarned is forearmed. So I check my hotbar again: plenty of torches and food, an iron pickaxe plus a spare stone one, a bucket. Should be enough for today. The rest of my inventory was empty – about to be filled with stone, dirt, and hopefully diamonds.

True story that. I went into the mine that day full of optimism; yet what I didn’t know is just how much more I’d need to get me to my goal… and even then it wasn’t the outcome I fully wanted.

I placed yet another torch in the never-ending tunnel. I mined yet another block of stone or the occasional coal, iron or gold ore. It was a long, boring process, but I aspired. Until finally, the dark depths got lighted up by a different colour. It wasn’t blue; more like blood red –  a block of redstone. Two. Three! And each one giving me 4-5 redstone. It was a start… of a very long journey. It was ages until I saw a glimpse of what I truly wanted: a block of diamond, hidden deep within the Minecraft underground.

In the end getting a single diamond was quite a task – think what it would take me, or anyone, to assemble a full set of diamond armour and tools… Well, unless you’re super lucky, or cheat with commands – but please don’t..! It took me about 15 (Minecraft!) days from the first block mined at that mine. Not counting the many (mostly stone) pickaxes, piles of resources and effort put in. And of course let’s not forget my poor hurting fingers, from all the clicking… Attached is a gallery with a few screenshots showing my mine ‘evolving’ as I continued the search for treasure. Pretty smooth, right..! It does get pretty deep; until finally, I stumble across some redstone, giving me hope for more valuable ores.

Finishing off, I just have some tips for you miners out there.

First and foremost, don’t forget: never dig straight down! Secondly, prepare before doing anything at all – believe me, unless you’re one of the lucky few individuals, you’ll spend ages in that mine. Make sure to have a stash of food, torches, pickaxes (or resources to make them!), and anything else you might need. For example, a sword always comes in handy when dealing with mobs; and don’t forget that good ol’ bucket to fend off any lava intruder! You’ll surely find plenty of ores while mining, including iron: good for making strong(er) swords or tools, crafting buckets and other essentials; and let’s not forget the armour! It will come to plenty of use in case of a mob attack, or a simple slip and fall down the mine stairs.

Also, don’t get your pickaxes wrong! Some pickaxes can’t mine certain rare ores; for example, a wooden pickaxe will only mine basic stone and coal ore. Step up: a stone pickaxe can also mine iron ore and is faster and more durable. Better pickaxes also do more damage, for those adventurous pickaxe fighters! But don’t even go near diamond ore without an iron or better pickaxe (no, the gold pick isn’t better. Sorry gold!)

And hey, don’t mess your layers either! Let’s say you want to find diamonds: they only spawn between layers 12 and 16, so don’t waste time looking for them in layers 20-25! For those who don’t know, the layers work like this – the very bottom layer of bedrock is layer 0; then you go up. So with the diamonds example, layers 12-16 means that diamonds can be found between 12 and 16 layers up from the bedrock, layer 0. Actually, I might have messed up layers myself when I couldn’t find those diamonds in my mine, having mined so much…

And that’s basically it. Quite a long, but hopefully useful post this. Thanks for reading, and feel free to comment below. Maybe you’ve had some crazy mining story you want to share? Go on!

A miner’s struggle, a mine’s evolution
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      Thank you too – it really is small but great!

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    cool-cant wait for more Redstone

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      I’ll try and post some more redstone stuff – maybe some redstone machines?
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