Did I mistype “pros and cons”? No! Because Minecraft actually has plenty of big Cons, and not in the sense you might think (note the capital letter!) They’re not bad Cons either – because here we’re talking BuildCon, MineCon (Earth, to be exact – and it’s coming soon!), MineVention… Some of the biggest Minecraft conventions out there! And they’re happening right now or very soon – well, or have already been. Sorry! So without further to do, let’s explore the not-so-hidden world of Minecraft’s fan conventions! But seriously, I wasn’t even aware of some of them, and you possibly too…

Let’s start with the one and only, MineCon!

Minecon 2013 logo blocky white-black text "Minecon Orlando, FL 2013"Minecon 2016 logo blocky grey-purple text "Minecon California 2016"Minecon 2017 logo blocky grey-green text "Minecon Earth"

Having already made an appearance on this blog, and all over the world, this has to be the biggest Con out there by far! MineCon is the Official Minecraft fan convention and has already made an appearance in Paris, London, the West Coast of USA, and a few more places. It has been happening every year since 2010 (except in 2014, I’m afraid), slowly growing in size and popularity – together with the whole of Minecraft!

Events within it include talks about future game releases and whatnot, interviews of famous players, competitions – including a costume making contest! – and more. Since 2017 Minecon was changed to Minecon Earth, now featuring an online stream of the whole thing!

And, while on the subject, MineCon 2018 is coming this September, on the 29th!

Yeah, it’s MineCon Earth all over again, but it wasn’t so bad, right? I might post something else on that soon, but after over-exciting it last year, I’ll leave the folks at Mojang up to it for now..! You can go on the Official MineCon page for more updated info, although note that the same page is updated every year… So if you’re reading this really late, it might say something like “Minecon 2019” there instead..!

Moving on to a Con for the creative, the BuildCon!
Buildcon logo black cube with white text "BC" with blue-purple outline

BuildCon is the annual event for the entire creative community of Minecraft and other pixel-based gamers and enthusiasts. Builders, developers, modders and many others join to discuss Minecraft, gaming and participate in masterclasses to hone skills and express creativity within the game!

Quote from mcbuildcon.net. This has to be the biggest one out there after MineCon, especially if you’re a builder! The latest one happened only in June, and it also keeps growing fast, together with the already big creative

community. But what does it offer? Well, as the quote above says, plenty of building fun for fans of everything creative! From simple talks and showcases of builds and techniques, through some fun minigames, such as build battles, between events.

And the topping of the cake: getting to meet and learn from Minecraft’s elite of builders, and the obvious – building stuff! Or if you’re a builder or part of a team yourself, it’s a great opportunity to, put it simply, advertise yourself, and meet and bond with new or existing fans. And it’s not just about building: ie. this Con also has rendering, terraforming & plenty of talking..! Wow, it rhymes… I think!

Now onto some smaller, less known Cons that are worth mentioning…


Basically a little MineCon, just USA only, at least this year? (essentially what MineCon is most of the time, it seems… I’m looking at you, the Official MineCon Party Locations list thing! Glad they made it MineCon Earth now, not being in the US. Anyway…) Offers similar events to the plain MineCon, mixed with some LEGO Minecraft, photo fun, workshops or live stage shows… Even has it’s own costume contest and merch. With all of it spread out over the whole year. Yep, a little US-only MineCon.


What is there to say? It’s a yet another little MineCon, or another Minefaire. Wait, or is Minefaire an another MineVention? Both offer similar stuff, although this event does travel around the world, making it more open to… the world. They seem fun, although I’ve never attended them (especially not Minefaire, not being in the US…) Of course, you need to buy tickets, which are limited. Just look at the sold out list on Minefaire’s events! So, pretty popular not-so-little fan gatherings too!

Theres also the soon-to-come Blockfest

No, not the music festival… The Minecraft one! Although I couldn’t find much info about it even now, quite some time after being announced. I guess it’s still soon-to-come then? The sooner the better? We shall see when it comes!

The above three are just some of Minecraft’s Official Community Events; An addition that literally gave a way for the Minecraft community to be together and take part in events! So depending where you live, how busy’s your schedule, and if you manage to get tickets, you could attend them too – or maybe have? As long as you’re a fan of the blocks, everyone’s welcome there! And let’s not forget the big part: all the Cons mentioned above have plenty of pros, and the big-big part – contain plenty of gaming! Well, and spoilers of upcoming stuff – but that’s the point! So let’s not spoil the fun..!

Image credits: Minecon logos/mojang.com&minecraft.net, Buildcon logo/mcbuildcon.net

Minecraft’s pros of Cons
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