Welcome to the first What is/are post! Here I’ll be telling you about anything from new blocks and in-game features to Minecraft events, releases and more. So, let’s start with something quite new and not too well known…

Add-ons! These useful little things have been around for a while – since Minecraft 1.10 was released in June, to be exact – but most people don’t pay much attention to them. So here are a few common questions and answers about them-

What are add-ons? How do they work?

For the uninitiated, an Add-On is basically a pack of files that lets you change how Minecraft’s world works. Want 50ft chickens? You can have them! Want to create a pigman army to do your bidding and dress them all in frilly tutus? You can do that too, you weirdo!

Quote from Official Minecraft wiki. Add-ons are similar to mods in that they too change the game experience and/or customize your world in some way. They allow the player to change the behaviour of mobs, texture the world to their will or even change a few laws of Minecraft! With add-ons, you can do things like changing the blast radius and texture of a creeper or make your world look like a sci-fi planet. Using add-ons will give you the ability to throw Minecraft’s rules out of the window – want exploding cows, edible blocks or mutant spiders? Now you can have them! (There are some obvious limitations though, just like with mods. For example, add-ons can’t modify the world size and height or make you build under bedrock or… I should have been more specific when I said about throwing Minecraft’s rules out the window..!)

Will they work on my version of Minecraft?

So far add-ons are only available on Pocket and Windows 10 editions of the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, but keep your eyes and ears open for possible future updates! Unlike mods, they are not version specific, and also work in multiplayer and Realms.

EDIT: As of June 2018 they are also available on Minecraft VR. But consoles – nope! The console makers themselves have strict rules on what you can do, meaning you are forbidden to modify the game or even share maps. Sorry console players!

Where can I get them?

You can download some sample add-ons on Minecraft’s official website’s add-ons page. They’ve also made a list of top ten add-ons, although you’ll need to hunt on Google for the downloads. While on the topic of Google, why not try searching there for a wider range of results – you’re spoilt for choice

Or, if you’re up to the task, you could try creating your own add-on by following a few simple(ish) steps. Firstly download Minecraft’s unmodified resource packs and behaviour packs files, and you’re all set! Tutorials are available on Minecraft’s official wiki, and I’m sure that a search on Google or Youtube wouldn’t hurt. Who knows what you’ll create…

Any risks or drawbacks?

There are some obvious limitations though, just like with mods. For example, add-ons can’t modify the world size and height, or make you build under bedrock or…

Add-ons cannot modify the whole world completely; Of course, there are limits to what you can do. They only change simple things, such as how a pig behaves (flying pigs, here I come!) Technically speaking: Unlike mods, add-ons use a built-in interface to change the way the game works without modifying the code itself.

When adding add-ons to a world, it is recommended to first experiment and get used to them on a new world. Remember that with great power comes great responsibility! You don’t want your brand new fireball spitting monster to blow up your most treasured work, now do you?

And that’s it for today; For more info and help you can pay a visit to the official add-ons page on minecraft.net. I hope this post helped you and maybe even somewhat encouraged you to use this practical addition in your Minecraft world – or start creating your own. Oh, and feel free to comment any ideas for the next What is/are post below!

Steve with pickaxe, Alex with sword and a tamed wolf

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