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”Weโ€™re pleased to announce MINECON Earth – an interactive show that will take the best bits of our previous events and incorporate them into a condensed show dedicated to all things Minecraft!”

Have you ever wanted to go to MineCon, but… Sold out tickets? Couldn’t take time off work or school? Or maybe you had problems getting there? Have you wished you could see the big event with your own eyes, but couldn’t? Well, fear not, as your prayers have just been answered! Because, for the first time ever, Minecon Earth is here!

So what is MineCon Earth?

Trick question? I don’t think so! Minecon Earth is just like any other normal Minecon, but better! Not only will it include the usual Minecon stuff, but you’ll be able to watch it live via a live stream! Yes, you’ve heard (more like read..!) correctly. This year you can see the big event for free from the comfort of your couch, bed – whatever! It will last about 90 minutes and will be available to watch live on Minecraft’s official website, plus on all sorts of popular streaming websites.

And even then if you miss it – the MineCon 2017 stream will be available for rewatching over and over again on Youtube. (Unless the managers at YouTube suddenly decide to close the page, which is… well, unlikely!) At Minecraft staff’s suggestion, this event is apparently a perfect occasion to invite your friends over, or even throw a party. I think it makes sense – it’s Minecon Earth after all! Part of the MineCon will also be a competition for the best Minecraft costume, so get your string and needle ready! Info on how to submit your creations will be available soon. (So yes, you might even be able to win stuff just by doing your job. I’m talking to you, dressmakers and fashion freaks..!) Minecraft loot and goodies will be available (for delivery straight to your door, they said); Although for free? I’m not so sure…

When is it?

Get your pen and paper out: The show goes live on Saturday 18th November 2017 at 5:00 pm! Time zone unknown; But it’s the weekend, so you shouldn’t worry about time off work or school?

If you’d like to see the event, tickets arean option and should be available on the official MineCon Earth webpage soon. But they’ll probably be expensive, and spaces are limited. Who knows what devoted fans might do in a few weeks when limited-time tickets are concerned! Anyway…

That is just about it. The people at Mojang kept any other info a secret for now. If anything is changed above, I’ll update the post, but for most up to date info on all MinceCons, check out minecraft.net. See you later, plus hopefully at MineCon Earth, whether in person or most likely watching through a camera!

EDIT: This MineCon seems to have no location, but Official Viewing Party locations have been announced – places for fans to meet up to view the show, alongside other stuff! The costume contest was also opened, for your information. Newer post with some more info

Official MineCon Earth webpage

Image credits: minecraft.net

Minecraft cliffs with Steve & Alex on top

MineCon Earth goes live Nov 2017!
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