Merry Christmas! Yes, December is finally here – and that means presents, fireworks, pudding and more..! A time to spread the love and embrace the fireplace warmth; But also a time for change!

Yeah, things will change here, and possibly change a lot. I have big plans, which I hope will come to life at the start of 2018. Ah, the New Year – enjoy that too; Whether at your bedroom window or right down by the action! Anyway, first of all, I’d quickly like to thank you for being here, whether you’ve been reading a few of the blog posts, or are just stopping by to see what’s new. It has been a busy, but a generally good year for me and this website (and for all Minecraft, too!). Thanks for any support – even just by checking the site out – as this blog hopefully grows and changes for the better!

Now let’s get to the big news! As mentioned before, change is hopefully right around the corner. But what exactly does that mean? First of all, it means downtime and mess! This site will be changing hosting soon (hopefully for the better!), meaning the downtime. And the mess? Well, this will probably be the biggest change – just take a look at some of what’s planned…

  • A proper homepage due to the big changes that will undergo
  • New page for my creative server, as well as an improved About page
  • Some kind of rules to prevent misunderstandings?
  • Reviews/improvements on posts and pages
  • A fresh new look to the whole page? Or at least an enhanced current look
  • General overview and improvements, including for phone/tablet users

Implementing this all might go swiftly and unnoticed… or it will most likely cause a bit of a mess for a while! And not just visually – it will take time for everything to sink in; For everyone to get used to it. But in the end, I hope and think It’ll be worth it! I’ll try to keep to the list, as I, and hopefully you, like the points! But of course feel free to comment your thoughts and ideas below.

While you’re here, please note that since we’re all so busy wrapping up gifts and celebrating; And considering all the above planned, there might be fewer or no blog posts for some time. But we’ll all manage, won’t we? So much else will be going on – by this I mean “Happy New Year!”, “Merry Christmas”, “Seasons Greeting!” or whatever..! Enjoy the snowy jolly season while it lasts!

So that’s all, and see you in 2018; there’s loads planned for the new year! And if all goes to plan then all will be back to normal (but hopefully improved!) in a few weeks or possibly months. See ya!

❄ Just a quick Christmasy announcement…
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