The day I’m writing this on is portrayed by some as bad, unlucky or even evil… A Friday on the 13th day of the month! But what does that really mean? There are quite a few theories as to why this day is considered bad; But the most accepted one seems to be that at the Last Supper Judas, the disciple who betrayed Jesus, was the 13th to sit at the table. Anyway:

What’s the point of me writing this?

Well, firstly today is that day, or was when I wrote this; and secondly, to kind of set the scene for the story I want to share with you today. It’s quite a short, and not really scary or amazing (or both), but unlucky? Quite possibly, featuring an unknown player venturing into my singleplayer adventure… So, overstressed introduction over, here’s the story!…

It was another bright new day, a day full of new events to happen and new surprises to… well, surprise. And today (as in that day) I’d get a surprise I wouldn’t expect at all. That afternoon I turned on Minecraft as normal, and thought to myself “Hey, why don’t I try my hand at survival again?” – or something like that.

I created a new world and thought I couldn’t be luckier. I spawned in the rare Mesa biome; And conjoining it was a desert with a temple and village! I gathered some resources and quickly nestled myself in one of the village houses. I soon raided the temple and village blacksmith’s and started to mine for ores in a nearby cave system. It was one of the best starts I ever had in a new survival world – or so I thought. (Although harder starts are good too, as they challenge you more, but anyway…)

After a few (Minecraft!) days I started getting low on resources, so I set out in… some direction, and explored the area. I gathered some more clay from the Mesa; Wandered to a nearby forest for wood; And eventually ended up in the desert again. I was near the temple, which was on the far side of the desert, when night started setting in. I quickly turned homewards as darkness quickly advanced – and sprinted home in desperate hope of getting into bed before the night set in for good.

But before I was even halfway through the desert the unthinkable happened… I was attacked by a hoard of over 10 ordinary zombies – but it’s not this that is strange… It’s what I saw on the death screen. Right there behind the Respawn and Main Menu buttons stood a figure. It was looking away from me, seemingly towards the rising moon; And appeared dressed like Steve – but I swear to God it had long hair!

Back then I didn’t think of taking a screenshot… So instead I did the only other smart option – yes, of course, I respawned and went back to my death place..! Again, of course, I found nothing – except for a cave nearby my dropped items. A thought of going in there in search of the player crossed my mind, but just once – I then deleted the world and didn’t play survival, or singleplayer, for quite some time after. This might actually be part of the reason I like creative multiplayer so much!

And that’s all – a short story that I won’t ask you to believe if you don’t want to; But I can assure you that unless my memory is playing tricks on me, all events are pretty accurate and real. What do you make of this all? I asked some people before, but it seems that no one has had this before. Feel free to say your opinions in the comments… I personally think: What just happened? Why? A girl Steve randomly appearing in my singleplayer world? What? How? And finally – was it Herobrine… or worse, his mom..? Just trying to end on a happier note!

Friday 13th, the unlucky charm?
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