The site, the posts, me… are at last all back! And better than ever before. Well, I’ve been here all (most) of the time, getting the website ready, but you know. Who wouldn’t want to be “better than ever before”, huh? It took longer than expected, I know. But most, if not all, issues were solved; And changes were implemented. Ok, I know, it went from apparent weeks to whole months of waiting (at least not years!) but read on for an explanation. The size of the to-do list is in itself a reason, as it’s longer than it seems – here I only mention the main changes; But many small problems and things that needed tweaking popped up along the way… some things still need polishing off!

So, what exactly has changed – what do I mean by improvements?

Well, everything from the to-do list and more – in the last post, way back in December, I mentioned a list of a few things planned for the site:

A proper homepage, a Server page and improvements to the About page. Some rules (the new Terms page), a slight redesign of the site. A general overview and improvements. All that is now here! As well as…

  • I reviewed and enhanced the posts and pages; Whether through adding or improving content, fixing any spelling errors, or anything else that I felt needed tweaking.
  • As mentioned before: there’s now a proper front page! It’s there to introduce people to the site and to make navigation less confusing due to the many new changes to layout and pages. A Terms page was introduced as well. I recommend you quickly read the brief rules there to hopefully keep any problems or conflict at bay!
  • This is more technical, but all images on the website got alt attributes. And more importantly; Appropriate credit was finally given to the small fraction of content not made or owned by me – mainly images. Sorry to keep you waiting, but as they say: better late than never!
  • Having checked the site multiple times on my phone to be sure that they work, I implemented some changes that will hopefully make browsing the site on mobile devices easier for everyone! Hopefully.

That’s it I think for the major changes; Other tweaks include changing some visual elements and texts, such as widgets and sidebars. Removing the News page – it’s not that big of a change, since the page was kind of useless after not long, in my opinion… and other small improvements. Now that’s what you call taking a site to another level!

All changes and improvements are done then – or is more stuff coming?

Things can only get better from here (I hope!), so what better way to improve than by adding another page..? I’m planning to add a Gallery page…

EDIT: Some (crossed-out) parts of this post are outdated! More info here:

Also, stay tuned as Blog posts will resume to normal. I’ll try to post around once per week, and I’ll be checking the comments and replying regularly, just in case of the few spammers we had… So please don’t be like them, spoiling the fun for everyone! Note that now it’s only your first ever comment that has to be moderated.

There were no posts for so long… What were the highlights? What’s coming up?

You knew (or not) that was coming – some highlights of things that happened in the last few months..! I would have, and still might, do a post on some of them, since the website was a mess. So here’s the list, as well as some upcoming stuff…

  • A new book, Minecraft: The Crash, got recently out (only a week ago, as of 11th July)! Just like Minecraft: The Island, which I reviewed here, this book is another one of those that transport you into a whole new Minecraft world, a whole new adventure. Literally – it’s a complete turn from the last book, being about… Well, I’m not the one to spoil it! But I will do a review of it soon on this blog, so look out!
  • Minecraft made an appearance at the 2018 PC Gamer Weekender, in January. Mojang Staff, and Jeb himself gave a talk, about both Minecraft and Cobalt WASD (“a 2D, team-based game with explosives that stop time”!), which was available for free January 19-21st, along with a Minecraft map skin.
  • After only 2 posts, the Servers of the Month kinda stopped. But fear not, as soon they will resume! The first one should come out this or next month. I will also do another few What is/are posts soon, as the add-ons one came out pretty good I think… feel free to suggest ideas!
  • Another thing which came out, quite far back actually is Minecraft VR. It actually came out November 2017, when the blog still worked but thought I’d mention it here since I didn’t then. And, of course, Minecraft 1.12 came out… well, June last year, even further back, but it was a big update and didn’t get a mention here either… I’m so bad, I know! For God’s sake, it’s the latest, biggest Minecraft version- or maybe not! Because guess what! The site got back on its legs (wait, do websites even have legs..?) just in time – in time for Minecraft 1.13 or the Update Aquatic, which comes out only next week, on the 18th July 2018! That’s hardly an event to not write about. And oh, deary me, there’s also MineCon Earth 2018! Plenty to have me writing for days…

Ah, you thought I’d forget! I still have to explain myself for the stretched downtime and mess. The thing is, every website needs a host to be up. “Hosting is a service that stores your website on a server, allowing for access by internet users.” But some hosts are better or worse; cheaper or more expensive, than others. And so, long story short, in the end, I had to swap the old host for this website with a new one. But all is now up and running again, so don’t worry about it!

So yeah, that’s that. Everything is now back to normal(ish, due to all the changes and improvements!), and we can all be happy again. Of course, you might still find some unfinished or messy bits around the website for the next week or two; And the last of the posts have still not been checked, but the general website is all set. You can expect the first (well, second, counting this one) post to come out in a few days! See you then – God, this was one pretty long, informative post..!

🎉 We’re finally back, fresh and improved!
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