EDIT: Bits of this post are outdated! Please read premiumminecraft.com/blog/downsizing-smaller-site

The site, the posts, me… are at last all back! And better than ever before. Well, I’ve been here all (most) of the time, getting the website ready, but you know. Who wouldn’t want to be “better than ever before”, huh? It took longer than expected due to multiple delays, I know. It went from apparent weeks to whole months of waiting (at least not years!), but read on for an explanation. The size of the to-do list is in itself a reason, especially due to the many behind-the-scenes tweaks. And although some small things still need polishing off, basically everything is done!

So, what exactly has changed – what do I mean by improvements?

Well, everything from the to-do list and more – in the last post, way back in December, I mentioned a list of a few things planned for the site: A proper homepage, a Server page and improving (shortening) the About page. Some rules (the new Terms page), a slight redesign of the site. A general overview and improvements. You may have also seen the new Gallery page, where I’ll be adding pictures of great Minecraft builds and whatnot soon! More on that possibly later.

There was also a review of the posts and pages, and enhancements, including fixing spelling errors..! Appropriate credit was given to any images or content that needed it. The site also had small design changes, while also making it uncluttered and easier to view on mobile devices. The News page barely survived a few days before getting removed – it was useless. Now that’s what you call taking a site to another level!

What else is there to say? Stay tuned in case of any updates, but don’t think any will come: They’ll give way to the resumed weekly blog posts! Yes, those will be back at last with the site. And while on the topic…

What posts are planned, and what highlights were missed?

Lastly, I want to quickly talk about the posts. Getting straight to it, posts will once again thrive on a variety of topics. Including general Minecraft news and updates, stories and information, Servers of the Month? You’ll see when they come – I’ll think of something! And here are some highlights of things that went on (and would have probably been posted on) while the site was down…

  • A new book, Minecraft: The Crash, got recently out (only a week ago, as of 11th July)! A sequel of sorts to Minecraft: The Island, which I reviewed here, although it is a separate book. Will still review it here at some point?
  • Minecraft showed up at the 2018 PC Gamer Weekender, in January. Mojang Staff talked about Minecraft, and Cobalt WASD (a 2D, team-based game with explosives that stop time!) which was available for free January 19-21st, along with a Minecraft map-skin.
  • The Servers of the Month should resume, the first of which this or next month. Though note that they may not happen every single month! I’ll also do some more informative type posts on Minecraft features, like the add-ons one.
  • Following the big Minecraft 1.12, version 1.13 (Update Aquatic) will come out only next week, on 18th July 2018! That’s hardly an event to not write about.
  • There’s also MineCon Earth 2018, the live MineCon stream just like last year! Plenty to have me writing for days…

Ah, nearly forgot! For those that care, the main reason for the website’s downtime was switching the website host (the service that stores and keeps your website up for everyone to see!). And the mess, well, that’s another thing altogether… A part of the process of changing and improving! But all is good now, don’t worry, so we can all be happy again..! You may still find an unfinished bit or 2 around the site, but those should be fixed within a few days. Also the time around which the first post should come out!

🎉 We’re finally back, fresh and improved!?
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