Thinking things through, I’ve realised something important. This website is getting too out of hand for my time and time-management skills, since I’ve also a server to run, and a life to… live. It’s a bit complicated, but in the end, here’s the plan… (Don’t worry if you don’t know what I’m talking about. Most/all changes were probably already made by the time you read this..!)

I’ll be removing the Server and Gallery pages after all. And the builds – don’t worry as I will do more of them, but in posts! The Homepage may therefore be removed and replaced with the Blog page. I mean, it isn’t really be needed for such a small site. And it’s the Blog I’m focusing on the most, anyway. Other pages (About; Terms… read those later?) will be updated to accompany the new layout.

What about posts? Those shouldn’t hopefully be affected. Although a bigger gap inbetween them may be left. But I already have a list of post ideas in my head (Or quite possibly a battered notepad)!

There will also be some/many behind-the-scenes changes, but you don’t need to know about those – all for the common good?! So except some yet more changes, improvements, to come – and then end once and for all? We’ll see how it goes. I’ll also get things moving here in general, since right now I’m not even sure if anyone is willingly reading this at all..! Yes, I’ll advertise the site a bit, but then again: more people might join the small community here; Isn’t that a good thing? Time to spread the knowledge! But first, stuff needs doing, so I better stop talking and start doing. See you (quite very?) soon, again! I may EDIT this post with some more info if required…

EDIT: And so this was required. I just quickly want to mention something I’m quite proud of, actually. The site logo has been changed to suit the upcoming celebration of Halloween! Other big events, such as Christmas, might see it change too? If only a christamas-y block existed in Minecraft, like the halloween-y pumpkin here! Well, that’s all, really. Enjoy my handywork!

(📌) Downsizing… to a smaller site?
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