Minecraft is a game without boundaries (except the world boundary, of course!). So why limit yourself to an electronic device, when you can also express yourself with things like art? I’m sure there are plenty of artists out there who’ve sketched, painted, chalk-drawn (etc!) Minecraft scenes, mobs, landscape… So here is just a short post showing you my attempt at some Minecraft art. Please excuse me for the picture quality, I kind of rushed with the camera… You’ll do anything to get to that charger in time, right..?

Now, before I quickly talk you through the drawings, please excuse one or two more things… basically, I did those drawing with simple pencils, meaning they’re not the best. This might also add to the slightly bad picture quality… And they’re not the most amazing drawings in general, but oh well. I tried, and I think they’re still pretty good, especially the 3D ones. I’m also thinking of doing some more Minecraft art, but better, as my drawing skills have improved since I did those here. So anyway – quick facts… (or just skip straight to the pictures if you can’t be asked to read more)

I mentioned 4 drawings here (as you probably see in the gallery below). The first is a cut through of the Minecraft landscape, showing a desert temple on the verge of falling, as the desert gives away to some force. All framed by an oversized setting sun in the background..! Simple and clear drawing.

Time for the second drawing! It’s supposed to show a powerful diamond sword floating in front of a simple outline of the Minecraft landscape. A ghost-sword..? It worked out okay, although the sun is a bit big again! The third is a straightforward 3D grass block – nothing else to add really, expect maybe that I made the block 8x8x8, unlike Minecraft’s 16-pixel cubes.

And the final drawing is, well, a pretty scared looking Steve, whom I failed to draw the proportions of properly. But the question is not what I failed, but why he is scared… I wanted to draw a creeper right behind him, but for some reason scratched the idea. So (for now?) all that’s there is a Steve fearing… a chicken in front of him? Hmmm…

So there you are! A few simple drawings based on Minecraft – feel free to criticize in the comments!

An artists impression of Minecraft
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