The Website

Hello reader, welcome to [Premium] Minecraft, ‘a website for all things Minecraft!’

I’m Dominik, a committed fan of the blocky game Minecraft – so committed as to have made a website about the game..! It all started with the Blog alone – it’s the reason I started this website in the first place. But now the site’s expanding & things are changing – hopefully for the better! I have tested it myself, so the site should be viewable on all devices without issues.

This website’s purpose is, and will always be, to bring the Minecraft community together in one place. It has 2 main parts to it; the Blog – a source of info and news about Minecraft, where I’ll try to post on a weekly basis. And the Server: although a separate website was made for it, I decided to leave the old page here. It’s for my creative server, Inside [Creative], which is a great place for builders within the Minecraft community to hang out and build.

Set up in May 2017, this website is dedicated entirely to the sandbox game Minecraft.

Please see the Terms page for a few simple rules me and you should follow to keep everything running smoothly.

Thanks for checking the site out, and enjoy your stay!

Feel free to leave feedback using the Contact page – I’m always looking for ways to improve this site.

The Game

Minecraft is a sandbox game without limits (expect the world boundary, of course!), where you can try to survive the hoards of zombies and creepers in survival mode, show off your skills in creative, or even try your hand at hardcore mode. Play alone in singleplayer or share the fun in multiplayer mode. It’s your choice – but whatever you pick, remember the number 1 rule: never dig straight down! (unless you’re in creative mode or just don’t care or use x-ray mods or…)

It’s available on literally any device and is so much more than it might seem once you start to explore its possibilities. Over the years it went from electronic devices to books, videos etc, and is still expanding at this very minute! More info can be found on Minecraft’s official website.

The Creator

As mentioned before, my name is Dominik and I’m a big fan of Minecraft (considering I made a website about it!). I like video games in general, but Minecraft surely tops the list. I’m an active gamer and blogger, and I also like art & recently got into designing. I own a creative server where you can sometimes find me, building another dirt house or two (actually, I build roads and houses & skyscrapers, but shhh…).

Need to talk to me? Visit my Planet Minecraft page, or use the Contact page of this website.

Alternatively, you can contact me through Discord or find me on my Minecraft creative server – more info on both (along with the  server ip and/or Discord invite) can be found here.