Hello there, welcome to [Premium] Minecraft, ‘a website for all things Minecraft!’

Set up in May 2017, this website is dedicated entirely to the sandbox game Minecraft.

I’m Dominik, a gamer, a bit of an artist and writer, and obviously a blogger, and I own this place! I write weekly posts dangerously close to being funny, and share stories dangerously close to being educational (in a Minecrafty way!) I created this website in 2017 as a blog alone, but the site slowly expanded; Now having, amongst other things, a spot to tell you about my creative server, a Gallery page to show off cool builds and such, and a proper About page..! A recent addition is the Terms page, where you should go and read the few brief rules sometime – the sooner the better I think. But other than that, enjoy the website, enjoy the posts, and see you around!

For those wondering… what actually is Minecraft?

Hah, I assume you know, being here in the first place. Nice try!

Ok, ok, I’ll quickly explain. Minecraft is a sandbox game without limits (expect the world boundary, of course!), where you can battle the odds in survival mode, show off your skill in creative, or even try your hand at hardcore mode. Be lonely in singleplayer, or play with others in multiplayer..! It’s available on literally any device, from mobile devices to PCs to consoles. That’s all I’ll say; more info can be found on Minecraft’s official website, minecraft.net.

What else is there to say?

Not much really. The website should be viewable on all devices without problem. I tried to keep everything clean, simple and modern, so all should go smoothly (and not clutter up the view on phones!) – But I’m open to suggestions. Always feel free to comment your thoughts on posts – I reply to most comments within a few days. If you want to Contact me, there’s a page for that; or you can find me on Planet Minecraft. My IGN is MegaMinerDL.

Alternatively, you can contact me through Discord or find me on my Minecraft creative server – more info on both (along with the  server ip and/or Discord invite) can be found here.

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