The Website

Hello there, welcome to Premium Minecraft, “a website for all things Minecraft”!

I’m Dominik, a dedicated Minecraft fan – so dedicated that I made a website about the game! This website is only here because of the Blog, which has been moved from the front page to a seperate page. It was the reason I started this website in the first place, but now that it’s expanding, things are changing.

This website has 2 main purpuses: To be a Blog, a source of info and news about Minecraft, where I will post about once a week. Feel free to comment on posts – I reply within a few days.

And as a website for my creative server, Inside [Creative]. I’ll really appreciate if you join our small but growing community of builders! See the Server page for more info.

Set up in May 2017, this website aims to expand and create a big community of Minecraft fans.

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your stay!

The Game

Minecraft is a game without limits, where you can try to survive the hoards of zombies, skeletons or creepers in survival mode, show off your skills in creative, or even try your hand at hardcore mode. Play alone in singleplayer or share the fun in multiplayer mode. It’s your choice, your story – and whatever you make it, make sure to make it blocky and fun-packed..!

It’s available on any device – phone, tablet, console, PC – and is some much more than a game once you start to explore it’s possibilities. Over the years it went from electronic devices to books to videos, and is still expanding at this very minute! Check out Minecraft’s official website here.


As I said before, my name is Dominik and I’m a big fan of one of the biggest and (in my opinion) best sandbox game – Minecraft. I like video games in general, but Minecraft surely tops the list. I’m an active gamer and blogger and don’t hesitate to take risks to succed. I talk to, and play with, people from all over the world and have my own creative server.

Need to talk to me? Find meĀ  here-

Planet Minecraft

Discord tag: #8553

My Minecraft server: [1.12]

In-game name: MegaMinerDL

Or use the Contact page on this website.