The Blog

Hello there, welcome to my blog!

I’m Dominik, a dedicated Minecraft fan – so dedicated I made a blog about the game! Here I will post various different things about the game, and considering that you are here, reading this right now, I’m hopingΒ  you like Minecraft too. I will post things like my (or other people’s) builds, any Minecraft news and updates, as well as any intresting findings, tutorials or tips. New posts about once a week! And of course you’re very welcome to comment your thoughts on my posts, or even the blog itself, if you have any that you’d like to share!* I reply to all your comments within a few days, so make sure to check back for replies!

*No inappropriate or unrelated comments. They will be deleted! For example, links to other websites, any advertisements eg. for your YouTube channel, comments containing strong language etc. (You get the point.. I hope!)

The Game

Minecraft is a game without limits, where you can try to survive the hoards of zombies, skeletons or creepers in survival mode, show off your skills in creative, or even try your hand at hardcore mode! Play alone in singleplayer or share the fun in multiplayer mode! It’s your choice, your story – and whatever you make it, make sure to make it blocky and fun-packed! Official website:


As I said before, my name is Dominik and I’m a big fan of the sandbox game that inspired millions – Minecraft. I also like video games in general, but Minecraft surely tops the list. I’m an active gamer and blogger and I don’t hesitate to take risks. I talk to, and play with, people from all over the world and I have my own Minecraft server. Going 24/7 soon – ip:!

Need to talk to me? Find me here-

Planet Minecraft


Discord tag: #8553

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