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Hello there, and welcome to Premium Minecraft! This website is dedicated entirely to Minecraft (as you've probably guessed!), and consists of a blog, server page and a few other things. It's a place where every Minecraft fan should feel 'at home', whenever they are reading the latest blog posts or simply exploring every corner (do pages even have corners?) of website! This is still a small website, so bear with me while I resolve any issues and do any improvements. You can help by giving feedback or reporting an issue using the Contact page. Thanks is advance if you do so.

Set up in May 2017, this website aims to expand and create a big community of Minecraft fans. It is and will always be the place for all your latest Minecraft news and info, but for more content you can visit Minecraft’s official website at

Want to know more? See the About page for more info about me and the website. In the meantime, why not check out our Blog for useful tips, great builds, and other cool stuff? You won't be disappoined! Also, thanks for coming! I appreciate that you took your time to visit this little website. Enjoy!
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Here when you need it most - for every occasion, a beautiful blog post!
With tips and tutorials, build showcases, the latest news & events and more, these posts are no ordinary posts - they're beautiful! One of a kind. Works of art even! Uhh... sorry, got a bit carried away! These posts will supply you with all the latest news, info and tips, so open up that inventory of yours and get ready to be amazed..!

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