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Welcome home, lone traveller.

Navigating the never-ending blocky landscape, the vast lakes, hills and treelines,

From zombies and creepers, you try to escape, gathering resources and exploring mines.

The world of Minecraft. So big, diverse, full of possibility. Together with the player, amazing things can happen. Amazing creations can be built. The question is, what will you do? It's your choice, your story. And as they say, the only limit is your imagination!

Well, and the world boundary, in case of Minecraft. But nevermind that! Because a whole world awaits within that boundary. A whole inventory full of items to be crafted. A whole cave full of ores to be mined. Also, a whole ocean full of possibilities with the recent Update Aquatic. Something for anyone and everyone - even, and especially, if you're a dolphin! Hidden deep within the depths of code that make up the game: Minecraft.



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